Darwinian Gardeners

The first events of the year for the Darwinian Gardeners were two visits to the Goat Farm and Cheese Factory in Tallante.  We had to have two visits as the event was very popular and the Factory could only accommodate a maximum of 22 people.

We met at the Restaurant Buen Descanso for a cup of coffee and then walked over to the farm. Alfonso greeted us cordially and explained that we would have to wear shoe protectors in order to avoid introducing any foreign bacteria to the farm. We walked to the large shed where 300 beautiful black goats and some kids were housed. Alfonso explained the life cycle of the goats, the meaning of the bracelets which some of the goats were wearing and the significance of the coloured collars which they all wore.

We then moved to the milking parlour, where we learnt that the goats are creatures of habit and know exactly the order in which they should enter.  Alfonso told us how computerised milking machine works, recognising any deviations from normal.
Lastly we visited the cheese factory, having changed our foot protectors for new ones and put on white coats and hair covers.  Here we were shown how to make the various types of cheese and then there was a tasting.  The cheeses were delicious and most of us bought more than one to take home.

We then went to the Restaurant Venta D’Paso in Molinos Marfagones for an excellent Menu del Día.

The next event was a visit to a nursery to buy bedding plants at the end of March.

Humanists of Murcia Walking Group

On Wednesday 8th March, Jim led a group of 20 walkers along the beach from Blanca’s Restaurant towards Isla Plana and back again.  It was a beautiful day and a 3 of us were wearing shorts for the first time this year.  The others wished they were as well.

The walk was followed by an excellent lunch at the Casa NoNo.

If you would like to join us for walks, gardening outings, games’ evenings and lots of lunches you can get in touch in the following way: see our Facebook page, call 603 205 649 or email humanistsofmurcia@gmail.com or darwiniangardeners@gmail.com 

For personalized weddings, funerals and naming ceremonies without religion, please contact the celebrant on 634 025 711