On March 7th a group of Darwinian Gardeners boarded a coach and went to visit the caves at Canelobre.  We arrived just before 12 o’clock and followed Melodia, our young guide into the caves.

The caves are magnificent.  They consist of a giant ‘gallery’ where, during the Civil War they built aeroplanes. Soft music played in the background and the cave was beautifully highlighted with changing coloured lights.  There are many steps leading down to the floor of the caves. We passed beautiful stalagmites and stalactites and one impressive column where they have grown together. Melodia explained that the caves were discovered by Moorish mining prospectors and that they were formed about 150 million years ago.

Following our visit, we drove to Campello, where we enjoyed a lovely meal.  After lunch we explored the archaeological site beside the marina.

Charles Darwin’s Birthday Quiz

Six teams appeared for the Birthday Quiz at Avenida II on time.  Paul read the questions with his ‘Cloud 9’ voice, so everyone on the paseo heard. After two hours and 8 sections of questions, the results were in:  Darwin Dummies won with 43 points, Fearless Five scored 40, 3rd were Mountain Men, followed by 4 Ever Young, The Ramblers and the wooden spoon (one box of chocolates) was won by AC DC. Food & Drink scored highly; Entertainment scored low.

Then after lunch Darwin Quiz was won by The Ramblers. The thirty people who attended enjoyed the quiz and the food and drink proved by Avenida II.

February’s Walk

Introductions were made by everyone as there were some new faces and we were all waiting for the man ‘who dresses as a woman’ to catch us up.  Two of the best intros were “Being rescued from the Indian Himalaya after political uprising” and “Jumping off a 7,000ft mountain”.

Sixteen walkers & talkers seemed to enjoy the gradual climbs and great views, but they were happy to complete the 9km and head to Jarro de Oro before another group of walkers from La Majada took the best table.  We had a good lunch with cheerful staff.

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