Looking Forward to a Busy Autumn!

The month of August is a strange one for property sales. Usually internet enquiries drop a little due to potential buyers being on holiday, yet the footfall of buyers increases because the buyers are actually here on the ground because they are on holiday! There are also lots more ‘tyre kickers’ around during the holiday season, with many tourists killing a bit of time by asking to view a range of properties that, as an experienced agent, you just know they are not going to buy. By asking a few simple questions it’s pretty easy to determine if the clients are buyers or just looking, so, the result is usually, ‘increased enquiries’, but ‘fewer sales’.

It’s easy for agents to become a little unhappy during this time, but then you start to look forward to the Autumn. Between September and December, we have historically seen our best sales figures and so far our forward viewing appointments are looking healthy. From a property owners’ perspective, this is also the best time to put your property on the market. You will need to have your villa or apartment across the many major property portals such as; Rightmove Overseas, Zoopla, Prime Location, Kyero and many more. Most Spanish property agents use them to attract enquiries in large numbers. Some of the larger portals have up to 1 million visitors per month. During the Autumn period our portal enquiries increase by up to 400%.

For those property owners looking to sell up and return to the UK, the time could not be much better for you. The UK pound is at its weakest since the financial crisis of 2008/9 – this means when you repatriate the proceeds of your property sale to the UK it will cost you less euros to buy pounds. For example, back in 2015 – with the UK pound peaking at 1.42€ – sending back 100,000€ would have bought you £70,000 – yet, at today’s exchange rate of one UK pound equals 1.09€ – sending back 100,000€ will buy you £92,000 – a whole £22,000 more!

The benefit of the current exchange rate is that as a vendor repatriating back to the UK, you can make your property more appealing on price than your competition, as the prevailing exchange rate helps you absorb lower offers.

Kenneth Whettall

Commercial Director

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