After such a great launch in 2018, HDM started 2019 with high hopes and you haven’t let us down.  Our supporters, donators, adopters and foster parents have continued to make a huge contribution. So far, together we have saved 48 dogs who otherwise would have had an uncertain future, if any future at all.

One such example is Scotty who we were asked to help after (we suspect) his owner ‘abandoned’ him and he was struck by a car.  He was found at the roadside and we arranged for emergency treatment.  He was found to have a fractured hip, but after treatment we were able to get him into a wonderful foster home and thankfully he is making progress. He is approx 18 months old and is looking for his forever home. 

Lolo and Laila were left in a flat for over a week after the owner died. The neighbours raised the alarm and the Guardia forced entry and found them both in a distressed state. We were advised and rescued them after the family wanted to take them to the local pound.

They both need foster homes and ultimately to be adopted.

Donations of Bric-a-Brac

Hope for Dogs Murcia are always looking for donations of items we can sell, raising vital funds. If you think you can help then give us a call 630 638 255


By giving just 1€ a month ‘teaming’ is proving a very cost-effective way to make a difference. To join go to 


HDM are always looking for caring dog lovers who are prepared to open their homes and their hearts as fosterers.  Here are Our Top Ten reasons to ‘Foster a dog’ for us

  1. You are saving a dog from being killed in the shelter because it is full. 
  2. The dog will know love, a warm bed and regular meals in a safe place; your home. 
  3. The dog will learn to trust humans again.  
  4. You are helping HDM learn about the dog’s personality.  
  5. You increase the dog’s chance of being adopted.  
  6. You will have a rewarding feeling knowing that you have made a difference. 
  7. It’s a great way to see if you and your family are ready to own a dog. 
  8. It’s a rewarding way to help a charity if you can’t give money, but can give time. 
  9. Any volunteering makes a person feel good.  
  10. Remember rescue groups like HDM can’t function without foster homes.  They are vital.