Originates from Asia
Most notable is that the Hibiscus is easy to care for because it only needs sun and a little attention to look beautiful. In addition to its bright colours, it is a plant with many medicinal properties.
Watering must be to demand; that is, provided the substrata or soil is dry, water it well. It is also very important to fertilize it once a week with liquid fertilizer or powder mixed with water, for improving the flowering as the Hibiscus has rapid absorption and assimilation.

Pests can often attack the Hibiscus, particularly the aphid (green fly), which can be removed with insecticide which on contact and ingestion, is not dangerous to bees. You may find it easier to remove the sticky insects if before fumigation you vigorously clean the plant with a hose down. Whenever you fumigate, avoid the hours of strong sunlight so that the poison does not evaporate before taking effect.

If you want your Hibiscus to survive the winter, you need to cover the tips if it is not a very big plant and avoid irrigation unless the soil is very dry and the days are getting warmer.

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