Another month passes and what a month! At the time of preparing this editorial we, like most of you, are suffering the unbearable heat. Whilst we are so lucky to be able to escape with fans, air conditioning and many with swimming pools, we cannot but think of those without such luxury, those for whom it is not possible and those animals without a home or left outside under the sun! 

Please, if you know that animals pass by in your area, be considerate and help them by leaving bowls of fresh water daily for them.  This is not a lot to ask really and could make a difference between life and death for one poor soul!

On a very, very sad note, we recently lost our beloved tiny Luna.  A weeny Yorkshire Terrier, Luna was no longer able to be kept and her owner surrendered her to us. She moved in with our other 18 residents and began her retirement with us. We are so lucky that all of our dogs accept any newcomer and she was soon playing or curling up with one or another of them. Having had no essential vaccinations, passports, rabies or chip, this was then all done by the lovely Ana at the Veterinary Clinic on Camposol A. Luna then came into season which confirmed she had not been sterilised either and therefore that was to be the next procedure.

Two days ago Luna was not her normal self; not eating, not moving and clearly unwell. The following morning Roger took her to our other vets, Clinica Veterinaria Huercal Overa, where she was diagnosed as suffering with Pyometra, a life threatening uterine infection that most typically affects older or unspayed dogs, along with another problem of mammary tumours. Then hospitalised whilst our vets did their utmost, Luna began experiencing fits and despite all efforts she passed during the night. 

This is another reason why all responsible rescues neuter their animals before homing, or if not old enough, insist by contract that it is done within a certain period of time.

With considerable effort due to continuous regulation changes surrounding the pandemic, we were finally able to bring the amazing CHESS, FOREVER QUEEN, to Mariano’s to entertain our supporters. Having prepped everything for the evening, ie tables, staging, lighting etc we were then informed that a new regulation, that very day, dictated that the event be moved outside onto the terracing. We were then faced with the decision to either postpone or move to the terracing! Being determined not to let ticket holders down again, we moved outside. It was not as good visually, or as comfortable, but our guests were very supportive and, from what we experienced, they had a great time!

On that note we would like to add that CHESS are returning for us on 18th December to liven up our pre-Christmas celebrations! Fingers crossed we will be returning to the large salon and everyone can dance, rock with the CHESS lads and have a real celebration!

Tickets are already selling for our shows, ELTON JOHN on 7th August and QUEENS OF ROCK on 21st August. More top quality artistes coming from the UK via Carlton