I can’t believe how the time has flown and it’s nearly the end of the summer. We have been a busy choir again so far this year with new songs and new venues; all making it a very exciting year. 

We have chosen new songs to add to our large repertoire including a new compilation.  The popular musical The Greatest Showman has some wonderful songs in it and we have chosen a few of them.  This has been our biggest challenge so far and although it’s a work in progress, we have already performed a compilation of three of the songs which was received with enthusiasm by our audiences.

Those of you who live on Camposol will know that a ‘dial a ride’ service, Campobus, is now available in the urbanisation, thanks to the hard work of Ian and Ceris Ashcroft and a number of volunteers. We thought we would help raise awareness and a few euros at the inauguration of the bus and gave a flash performance on Camposol. The then Mayor, Alicia, was there and liked us so much she invited us to go and sing at the San José – Father’s Day lunch for the pensionistas in Puerto de Mazarrón along with six other choirs. We wondered whether we would be well received as we were totally different. As soon as we went on stage we knew they would like us. They loved us in fact and were dancing in the aisles and singing with us. In fact we were the only ones to get an encore!

May and June were also busy helping to raise funds for Friends of Mazarrón Animals and also at St Nicholas Church in Camposol who help the poor people of the area. We were also honoured to be asked for the first time to perform at the Fiesta in Hacienda Del Alamo in June. 

We are now really looking forward to the rest of the year including performing at the Trade Exhibition for the Costa Cálida Chronicle on 9th November at The Sheraton Hotel, Hacienda del Alamo and a few other fund raising events. 

For more information on the Harlequin Rock Choir, if you would like to become a member or are planning an event for charity, find us on Facebook or contact me on details below.

Ida Halton -Events and Publicity Coordinator


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