I recently asked the members if there were any songs that they couldn’t get out of their heads. I received some interesting replies and one of them was this entertaining account from Julia Frost, one of the girls in our Soprano section. 

The idea that a song should track your every move and become the most irritating ‘Earworm’ is interesting. Often it starts with that song that is in the background, like the ones that they play in a supermarket. You’re studying the list and wondering if they’ll have that nice bottle of wine in this week because last week there was none. Should you buy the cheese from here, or leave it until you go to the other one; you know it’s a bit cheaper there? You trundle the trolley to the car and before you know it, you’re humming the song you weren’t aware they were playing! ALL the way home that stupid song is buzzing in your head. GO away! Noo, it’s there all the rest of the day. 

Hubby says “Stop that, you’re doing my head in. Don’t you know any other words?”

“Whatttt! I didn’t realise I was singing bits of it out aloud! No, I don’t know any other words.” 

Sometimes the song starts with a phrase that I hear. I don’t know about you, but I can usually find a song for many phrases, for example, a friend may begin to ask “Are you going ….?”  That’s it for me. In my head it finishes with “to San Francisco”, so that stays all day, having burrowed its way into my brain until the next song jumps in; just like the skipping rope games – one in, one out. 

Hubby has the same problem and he’ll complain, “I just can’t get a tune out of my head!” Thankfully, he doesn’t inflict it on me, as he knows it’ll jump from his head into mine, then there are two of us being harassed by the flippin’ tune! 

Which tunes are the culprits? Good question!

As I said at the beginning, sometimes it’s the ones you’re not really aware of; the backgrounders. Sometimes Ricky Martin invades with “Livin’ la Vida Loca”. This is not a problem because it’s one of my favourites and it livens up the ironing. More often it’s a Harlequins’ song. Any of the Greatest Showman, pops in to visit at any time. The most recent song taking up residence (y sin NIE, o Tarjeta de Residencia!) is “El mismo sol”. It’s getting louder, louder! Want you to take it, take it!

(Please, take it, it’s driving me nuts!) 

Oohh, long answer to a simple question! Sorry! (…..seems to be the hardest word.)

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