In December, the Harlequin Rock Choir was delighted to be able to perform again after two years. It was ironic that that performance in aid of MABS took place at the Clubhouse on Camposol which was where we performed our last performance before everything came to a stop! It certainly was euphoric for us to be able to sing in public (albeit with masks on) and at the same time help raise funds for a charity. 

We took a break during the Christmas period and restarted our rehearsals in early February and we were raring to go. We’ve already received a couple of requests for performances. 

Our first rehearsal of 2022 was so much fun – as they always are – and it was so good to meet up with a lot of the members again.  Fortunately restrictions are easing and we are now able to rehearse as a large group in the Social Centre on Camposol but we continue to wear masks, abiding by the rules at present and for the health and safety of our members.

We sang some of our older songs from our vast repertoire of over 50 songs. Amazingly we did very well considering we hadn’t practised those songs for a very long time and our Musical Directors were impressed. It’s like riding a bike – you never forget! But our Musical Directors are hard task masters and they aim for perfection so we happily continue to rehearse and work on our newer songs as well.  

Some of our members who are not resident in Spain are not able to join us as much as they’d like to and unfortunately we have lost some for this reason. This is a great shame but it was great to see some of our non resident members at rehearsal who, while they are here, enjoy joining us.

If you enjoy singing and want to find out more about The Harlequin Rock, or would like us to perform for a charity send me an email on Or you can look us up on Facebook. 

Ida Halton

Chairperson and Activities Coordinator