An Alien Affair, An Alien Rescue & An Alien Warning are three consecutive books, in order of publication, that add up to a Sci–Fi Trilogy.

author review Tea break during a trekThe author, Gordon Mackay, initially started writing the first book whilst studying with the Open University and was in the Royal Air Force as an aircraft technician. He worked on aircraft such as the, Vulcan, Shackleton, Tristar, Nimrod and Tornado. His chosen studies were biology, medical & nursing. The older of his two girls was born with a heart defect that eventually ended her days at the young age of twelve. Gordon earned himself a BSc and is halfway to diplomas in both Nursing & Psychology. Those University subjects, and others – with his aeronautical engineering knowledge, play a large part in his published books. Together, they add up to an action-packed, humorous, romantic (with-adult-content) story of alien-abduction and the imminent dangers that threaten planet Earth, especially those who live on it. The underlying theme of the trilogy is alien-abduction and an action packed storyline that makes it difficult to put down the books.
Gordon resides in Southern Spain with his wife, Phyllis, and are about to take up golf, especially as both hail from St Andrews. FORE!



author review An Alien Affair coverAn Alien Affair

Scott, the hero in all three books, is abducted from Skye. He has already been taken several times before, but cannot recall anything about the previous events. He has to fight for his life as well as that of the UFO’s crew. The moon is visited and another species, ‘The Greys’, make an appearance that proves to be life-threatening to the extreme. It ends with a battle in space, but who will win, & how?

An Alien Rescue

The story continues with the returning-to-home crew getting abducted by the Greys after repositioning Scott back to his wild-camping site on the Isle of Skye. They are about to leave Earth’s solar system when a Grey ship ambushes their ship. They want the human, Scott, for their own Earth-dominating plans and intend using the abducted crew-members as bait to trap him. Earth and Mars, plus travel to a Mothership, is included in this bumper book of rescue and courage. Martian secrets unfold as the story progresses, as does that of Earth.

An Alien Warning

Scott returns to Earth, the planet he once referred to as his home, but following his final abduction he now lives happily on another planet in another solar-system, many light-years away. He has a new family and home, but his presence is required back on Earth. He has to warn a Government of forecasted disasters that will affect every living thing on Earth. Other previously abducted individuals are carrying out the same orders to inform other Governments. The Greys, however, have their own plan to destroy Earth, by re-enacting a surface-altering event from the distant past. While this is happening, several groups of radicalised terrorists are planning to carry out their own heinous acts of evil. Those who live on Earth are unknowingly facing extinction on a grand scale.

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