Here in Spain, water is probably the most important commodity. We take it for granted that if you turn on a tap, water comes out of it,

whether it is cold or hot water. Because we pay for it, we expect it to be there 24 hours a day. Many of us waste water, never stopping to think how precious it is. We use far more each year than can be replenished, so it is important to conserve as much water as possible and teach both young and old how important it is and to be aware of ways to save water. How often do you see guttering on houses in Spain? The answer is – not very often. How often do you see rivers of water running down the streets when there is a thunder storm? The answer is – frequently. Despite having the lowest rainfall in Spain, the Costa Cálida is no better than anywhere else in Spain when it comes to saving water. Do we really need all these golf courses? Do we really need all the new houses that are springing up all over the place? They are not houses for the Spanish, they are for foreign investors and holiday makers. Will they worry about using unnecessary water when they are only here for a few weeks each year? The answer is of course NO!

Here are some easy ways to save water in your home:

Keep a jug by the sink to collect cold water that runs out of the tap while you are waiting for the water to get to the right temperature. Use this in the kettle later in the day, or use it for watering plants.

Only put the necessary about of water in the kettle when using. If you want to empty the kettle before using fresh water, put the unwanted water into a container to water plants etc later.

If you have boiled vegetables, save the boiled water for either plants, or give it to your pets as it will have additional nutrients in it which will benefit your animals.

Put a brick in your toilet tank to displace water so that you use less water each time you flush the toilet. This can save up to 10 gallons a day!

Turn the tap off while you brush your teeth and when showering. Most of us step out of the flow while we shampoo our hair, shave our legs (ladies!) or lather our bodies.

Drink the tap water! There is nothing wrong with most of the local water. Much of this is better than bottled water that you can buy. Much of this is imported and is no different from your local supply and as you are paying for your water anyway, why not keep bottles of it in your fridge. Most people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference!