The great gas switchover – Gas Safe Register replaces CORGI

Brits too trusting when it comes to gas safety!

On 1st April 2009, Gas Safe RegisterTM replaced the CORGI gas registration scheme in Great Britain and launched a campaign to make the nation gas-safe. New research from Gas Safe Register reveals that when it comes to gas safety, Brits are far too trusting.

Alarmingly, over half of Great Britain’s population said they took it on trust that their gas engineer was properly registered and never checked that they were; a trust which, if broken, can make the difference between life and death. With 14 people dying from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning last year, due to badly installed, repaired and maintained gas appliances, keeping the public safe is Gas Safe Register’s top priority. The ‘make Britain gas safe’ message is simple. Be safe, use a registered engineer and always check the card.

Pete Eldridge, chief executive of Gas Safe Register said: “As the new hallmark for gas safety in Great Britain, Gas Safe Register will make it much easier for the public to be gas safe, because in the wrong hands, gas can kill. Our message is simple. To keep you and your family safe, always use a Gas Safe-registered engineer when you have any gas work done in your home.”

Pete Eldridge continued “We will raise public awareness of the importance of always asking for the ID card and checking the unique licence number. Different types of gas work requires different skills, so it’s important that you check the back of the ID card to make sure your engineer is qualified to carry out the work you want them to do”

Every Gas Safe-registered engineer has a photo ID card with a unique licence number with details of the work they are qualified to do.

The new register will aim to reduce the number of gas-related deaths and injuries every year caused by incorrectly installed, badly repaired and poorly maintained gas appliances by raising awareness that appliances should be inspected regularly by a qualified engineer. Shockingly, almost a fifth of households (19.05%) with a gas boiler had not had it serviced for at least three years. Gas Safe Register recommends that all gas appliances are safety-checked and serviced at least once a year.

From 1 April 2009, all work on gas installations or appliances must only be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

We are not in the UK, we are in Spain so why is this important?

It is important because Gas Safe Register is the ONLY way to measure “competence” amongst the British Community. Any CORGI registered engineer will now have this new accreditation, or they are not current members and therefore cannot claim to be part of the above.