We work very hard to help as many animals as possible in all situations and recently we have been able to release a number of dogs from the Mazarrón Perrera. However we mustn’t forget that there are a number of poor cats, many of which are domestic cats, that also reside there. It really is so sad to see them there with limited stimulation and human contact. If you are looking for a cat, please consider the unfortunate cats that find themselves in the Perrera and approach Esprineco directly (the company involved in the Perrera) for further information. Unfortunately we are so overstretched with requests that we are unable to deal with the adoptions ourselves, but we are here if you need pointing in the right direction or pictures of the cats available.

Please help a Perrera cat.

Call 655 966 220

Fund raising plays such an important role in our work as without it we couldn’t rescue the amount of animals we do. We always feel awkward asking for money, especially in these hard times, but there is a charitable enterprise that costs the individual very little and is so easy to set up. Let me tell you about it.

Ask yourselves this question; would you miss 1€ a month? That 1€ may have slipped down the sofa or is lost at the bottom of your bag. In the current situation every Euro counts to help the animals in our care and that is why we have set up a Teaming Group. For that small regular amount of 1€ you can be part of our ‘Team’ enabling FMA to have a steady income that supports our work. Giving this micro donation, totally free of commission, will not have a huge impact on its own, but we are hoping that most of our supporters and followers will join forces to raise much-needed funds. All we are asking is that you commit to just 1€ a month. Please follow the link below to be a part of this fund raising drive and if you have any questions please contact us. Remember in Teaming the important thing is not how much we give, but how many we are.  Alone we cannot do much, but if we join together, we can achieve greatness.


Please also see the attached posters, other fund raisers that are happening over the next four weeks. There is something for everyone and we hope that you can join us. Thank you as ever for all your support.
Don’t forget you can view all our animals up for adoption by visiting and following our Facebook page. Please contact the team at FMA for more information.
Tel +34 711 032 574 (WhatsApp or Message) Spanish and English

Donations can also be made using:
PAYPAL fma.murcia@gmail.com

Bank Account ES39 3058 0206 9227 2050 7854 (BIC CCRIES2AXXX)