It has been another very busy four weeks for the team at Friends of Mazarrón Animals and all our friends and supporters.

We were happy to be able to continue with our second musical fundraiser since the pandemic featuring Tijuana Road. Our previous event was a fabulous success and Bazz Norton proved himself to be the world renowned artiste. We use Zambucca Beach Bar as a venue and are so grateful to have the use of this spectacular restaurant and bar for our fundraising activities; thank you to all the team there. As usual FMA has been overrun with requests for help.


Loba is a dog that has come under our wing. Tied up all her life, she is now enjoying her freedom away from the chain that bound her to a world of a few metres. She is such a loveable dog and it never ceases to amaze us how forgiving animals can be.


Ollie is an example of the many animals that are referred to us; they have no story and no past. We have no idea where they have come from, or why they find themselves abandoned. Lucky Ollie is currently in a fabulous foster home.

We have continued to home many dogs both here and abroad with many making the trip to the Animal Hotel in Águilas in preparation for their final journey to the UK with AA dog rescue. It’s always fabulous to see the wonderful updates of our animals.

We are pleased to say that our rescued Galgo, Shanta, who had so much trouble with her injured leg, has had her plate removed and is recovering well. She has a wonderful home in Italy thanks to Galgos De Almeria.

Abandoned cats and kittens

We have managed to trap, neuter and return a large number in the last month. The feral cat population can cause issues around communities, but there are ways to limit their growing population allowing the cats to live in peace. One of our supporters who was alarmed by the number of feral cats on her community, took up the challenge and with the help of her community and local charities including FMA, sterilised the cats, thus ending up with a stable non-breeding cat population. Now there is less fighting and marking of territory and no more kittens! It takes a holistic approach to improve and hopefully solve the situation with the ‘trap neuter return’ initiative. See a more detailed account of this project on FMA Facebook page.

At the time of writing, we still have two missing dogs, Heidi & Bess. Heidi has been spotted and we are endeavouring to entice her into a trap cage. Unfortunately we have lost sight of Bess, so please keep looking for her.
Thank you as always to everyone who continues to support us. Please like our Facebook page where you can see information about all upcoming events, photos and reports.

Thank you from the FMA family.