The pandemic persists and so does the work of FMA. We continue to be inundated with requests for assistance and we endeavour to help whenever possible. 

In spite of the current situation we are still able to home some of our dogs abroad and October saw eight more dogs beginning their new lives in the UK. We wish Don Limon, Rayito, Pippin, Coco, Billy the Kid, Moreno, Sonny and Loba the best of luck with their new families. On another transport run was the wonderful Rebel, travelling to Ireland to join his brother Pedro and another fabulous family. Two of our local doggie adoptions included Duke and Earl and also the lovely kittens Onyx, Max and Telmo. Gemini, Fontanero and Diansa travelled to Galgos De Almeria from where they will be found fabulous homes and Libby and Isaac left the perrera to start their new lives. 

The best update ever though in October was the news that Heidi had at long last been enticed into Maria’s car and was finally safe and sound. We can’t thank her enough for all her hard work, patience and dedication in ensuring that Heidi was brought to safety. 

We continue to assist with the neutering of feral cats and kittens in our area and we hope that slowly we are making a difference; baby steps, but you always have to start somewhere. Some of these kittens have found permanent homes which is wonderful. 

We have many more dogs and cats looking for loving homes and these can be found in our adoption album on our Facebook page. At the time of writing, gentle Curro was looking for a permanent home. A farm dog, he arrived with us in a terrible state, but thanks to the care of his fosterers he has really improved. We also have Willow a campo/street dog who came under our wing and Queenie and Baron from ‘the royal family’ looking for a home. These are just some examples of the dogs we have needing homes; there are many more. 

Fund raising continues, within the limitations that the current crisis dictates. A fabulous Mini Market was held again at The Food Co, our online sales continue, Lady Jazz serenaded us at the Zambucca Beach Bar and Fred continues to entertain us every Friday night with the 100 Club. 

Thank you as ever to all our friends and supporters. Please keep following our page for future events