The current lockdown situation has not stopped the influx of requests for help to rescue abandoned and at risk animals in the Mazarrón area. In fact it’s almost business as usual for FMA, as we have endeavoured to deliver dogs and cats to potential foster and permanent homes. Of course the majority of our fund raising events have been cancelled or postponed, but it has made us think a little out of the box with the introduction of our 100 club (numbers still available) and Renee’s face masks which can add a bit of colour to supplement those medically approved masks. We must also thank our supporters who have given donations to us in this very difficult time, without which we would have struggled to do the work we are doing; we are so grateful to you all.

May 1st saw the International Day Of The Podenco. Although, because of the current situation, we were unable to join in the regular marches to mark this day, we were more than happy to raise awareness of these quite often mistreated dogs on our page. It was lovely to see supporters post pictures of their own Podencos enjoying a happy and safe life. Facing similar persecution are the wonderful Spanish Galgos and we were happy to be able to rescue and transport six Galgos (ex-hunting dogs) to the fabulous rescue Galgos de Almeria where they will be found forever homes; such a great rescue. We cannot thank Sandy and John enough for all their hard work.

Operation ‘Puppy Pick Up’ at the beginning of May saw the transport of the ‘detective’s pups’ Johnny Cash and Will to the Animal Hotel in Águilas and also the rescue of seven Galgo pups; three of which are now with the rescue Loving Dogs. It was a very busy day for all concerned with expert planning and preparation. Most days in fact have included vets’ visits, pick-ups and transportation as it’s been an extremely busy four weeks.

We must take this opportunity to really thank all our adopters and fosterers who have stepped up during this time to help. Without our regular fund raising events, we totally rely on the kindness of people to take animals into their homes and we couldn’t survive without you. Hopefully next month will see a return to some normality and the possibility of a return to some of our fund raising events. In the meantime if you think you can help us in anyway please contact us. You can find our adoption album on our Facebook page. Please like us and share our message.