Although lockdown has eased and we are now able to enjoy a trip to a bar or restaurant, the rate of abandonment or calls for help has not eased at all and the struggle to help as many animals as we can remains. Funding these rescues continues to be difficult with the cancellation of all of our ‘big’ musical events, but we have managed to ‘think out of the box’ with the help of our lovely friend, the internet:

I’m sure we all look forward to Fred on a Friday night, touching that magic button to randomly choose the winner of our 100 Club.

Nicky has raised so much money by transferring donated items to sell online.

Renee’s non-medical facemasks have also proved a hit.

Combined with all your generous donations, we are ‘surviving’ and there is now light at the end of the tunnel. Please keep following our page to see updates on future events which we hope will take place very shortly.

Although rescue can be very upsetting and emotional, the end results always justify the journey. We have homed many dogs and cats during the ‘crisis’ and last month saw the rehoming of over 15 dogs to the UK, all reserved to wonderful families. More Galgos have been taken to our friends at Galgos de Almeria. Shanta, Sakina and Sunshine have all been in foster and special thanks must go to Trevor and Fred who had to be on constant attendance to Shanta because of the issues with her injured leg and also as ever to our foster angel Anthea for caring for Sunshine and Sakina. Dogs have also been homed locally of course and that also includes cats and kittens. In fact we have had an increasing amount of calls about cats in poor condition and kittens that need homing, so please follow our page if you can offer any of our FMA family a home, either a permanent one or foster.

With regard to fostering, we cannot thank enough all our wonderful foster parents who have been that vital step in the journey of the animal in their care; you are so essential in the homing process.

Finally, as of writing this article, one of our dogs, Heidi, is still missing, having slipped her collar. Please keep looking out for her. She has been seen near the Salazones Valera business near Mazarrón and doesn’t seem to be wandering too far. Please contact us if you have seen her.

As always, we would like to thank everyone who continues to support us. Without you we would not be able to do the work we do. Please continue to like and follow our page, sharing our appeals with all your friends and if you feel you can help us in any way please contact us. Thank you.

Friends of Mazarrón Animals

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