We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that Santa was kind to you?

While writing this the COVID infection rate had been rising and FMA starts 2022 with the prospect of limited fund raising opportunities. It is of even more importance currently to keep a steady flow of funds coming in as we are starting to see ‘long termers’ amongst some of the dogs we have rescued. As you can guess it is not the cute, fluffy and pretty dogs that we have trouble rehoming, but mimicking the national trend, it is the German Shepherd dog and mixture thereof which find themselves as one of the most common breeds in UK and other European rescue centres.
It seems that the changes in popularity of certain breeds coincides with celebrity and influencer ownership. Some people are not searching for a breed that is right for them by researching and assessing whether their ‘set up’ suits the dog’s needs and temperament, but are driven more by looks and status. This increases the likelihood unfortunately of a dog ending up in a shelter or rescue.

Imitating the current trend, FMA have four German Shepherds in our care looking for new homes. All have their own stories and issues, but all are typical German Shepherds; smart, loyal and full of energy. Remember they are big dogs and have strong pack instincts and they want to be with you, not shut away. German Shepherds in the right hands are one of the very best breeds of dog to own. You can find out more about our wonderful GSD’s, Fortunata, Skip, Cash and Fuente, by contacting our Facebook page. All have different needs and specific traits, so talking through your expectations with one of our volunteers would be a good way to start. Potential adopters always have a week’s trial, which can be extended, to ensure the dog and the adopting family feel right. Information about each individual dog can be found in our adoption album where you can see their ages, health status etc and also their past story.

Finally we would like to wish everyone a very happy and prosperous New Year. Please keep following our Facebook page for updates and events and keep your fingers crossed for our fabulous four German Shepherds hoping that 2022 is their year.

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