Some of you may have heard that we have received a grant from Mazarrón council to help with our work with the animals in need in this area. We are of course extremely grateful for this help and it is a considerable donation towards our funds. To put things into context; in one day we managed to take six dogs from the Perrera, many of which were finding it hard to adjust to their new environment. One needed immediate treatment, others blood tests and one required special care and time because of psychological needs. Most are now in kennels with the associated fees. The funding has also already helped with a TNR initiative in the Bahia area. There were many more, but the money was quickly swallowed up and most is already allocated.

We want to help with as many cases as we can, but even with this help from the council, unfortunately we are not a bottomless pit in terms of money and man power. With this in mind, please can I ask anyone with a request for help to contact our FB page directly and not individual people? We are a small charity with limited volunteers and however big our hearts are, we can only do so much; but we will always try.

At the time of writing we have two fund raisers in February.

Saturday 11th February – Market Pop-Up @ Isla Plana Social Club – 10am-1pm.

This is a fabulous site to have a market right on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Saturday 18th February – For the first time El Guiri Band will make their debut for FMA playing a selection of pop and rock at Buenavista. At only 5€ a ticket, this is an event not to be missed. 7.30pm

Saturday 4th March – All Skas at Buenavista. 10€ tickets need to be reserved early as this event will sell out very quickly. 7.30pm

Please keep following our FB page for updates on other fund raisers. You will also find our adoption album. Please share our posts as this helps them get new homes.

Please contact us if you would like to volunteer in any way.

Join our teaming group and donate just 1€ per month.


Bank Account ES39 3058 0206 9227 2050 7854