We have some fabulous news to announce since our last article was released in January as one of our featured German Shepherd dogs, Josh, was adopted. 

Josh had been in kennels for well over a year but finally he has found a wonderful forever home with Karin. We are all so pleased for him but our happiness is also touched with a tinge of sadness. As Josh was settling into his new home two more German Shepherds almost immediately joined the FMA family. 

Pandora, who was surrendered to the Pererra on Christmas Eve and clearly traumatised, and Santino who also found himself in the Pererra in a terribly neglected state but as usual our wonderful supporters rallied around the two dogs. 

At the time of writing Santino, having received treatment, is now in a fabulous foster home and Pandora is also in foster having resided in the Mountain View Pet villa where she recovered from the trauma of being deserted. 

With these two animals in our thoughts, we were pleased to hear that a law change in Spain meant that animals/pets will now be considered as sentient beings and will no longer be considered as objects. The implications of the new legislation may see additional sanctions imposed on anyone who seizes, mistreats or abandons domestic and wild animals along with guidance on the allocation of custody of pets as part of a divorce settlement. Also, there are rumours that as of 2022 Spanish cats and dogs will likely need an official national id dubbed ‘el DNI Animal’ with an aim of building a national database of pets in Spain, though this is yet to be confirmed as true. As an animal charity we obviously welcome all these initiatives and hope they will be implemented and followed through firmly and consistently.

However, in the immediate present we are still dealing with numerous requests for help and consequently our fund-raising events become more and more important. 

Thankfully Our 100 club is full and brings in a regular income but our teaming initiative is open to any numbers and costs just one euro a month. The more people who join the more money we make. Please use the link at the end of the article for more information.

On February 12th we have another of our very popular cake and pastry stalls taking place outside of Just Joe’s Hair and Beauty, and later in the month will see the raffle draw for a fabulous weekend away at the seafront Oasis apartments in Bolnuevo. We are also hoping to restart our musical events this month so please keep following our page for more information. As usual we would like to thank everyone for your continued support; it is as always much appreciated. 

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