Formula 1 Preview 

Did You Know?

Since the inaugural F1 race in 1950 there have been 160 teams and 800 drivers to take part in the Formula 1 World Championship. 

Allof the teams having now launched their cars for the new season the liveriesare now apparent.

New-look safety cars for this year with the Green Aston Martin Vantage alternating with the all-red Mercedes AMGR. The medical cars will be an Aston Martin DBX and a red Mercedes C63S estate, also alternating. The safety cars will again be driven by Bernd Maylander and the medical cars driven again by Alan van der Merwe. 

There is a lot to look forward to this year with 3 rookies; Alo back with Alpine (formally Renault); Vet at Aston Martin (formally Racing Point); Sai at Ferrari; Ric at McLaren & Per in a Red Bull. 

Mick Schumacher makes his F1 debut 30 years after his father debuted for Jordan at Spa 1991. 

Testing this year was massively reduced from 2 x 3 days last year to just 3 days, giving the drivers a day and a half each. This obviously is more of a problem for the drivers that have changed teams.

Who Did What At The Pre Season Test?

There were 17 drivers running on day 1 which included test driver Roy Nissany in the Williams. They completed 1,030 laps (5,574.36kms) between them. 16 drivers were in action on day 2 and completed 1,240 laps (6,710.88kms, with 18 drivers taking part on the final day completing 1,455 laps (7,874.46kms); a grand total of 3,725 laps (20,159.70kms). 

Alpha Tauri & Alfa Romeo topped the list with 422 laps each; Mercedes did the least with 304 laps. From the 21 drivers, Gas did the most laps with 237 and Nissany did the least with 83. 

Ver topped the time sheets on day 1 with 1m 30.674s. Bot was slowest at 1m 46.850s. On day 2 it was Bot on top – 1m 30.289s and Vet slowest in 1m 48.849s; Ver again on day 3 – 1m 28.960s with Str – 1m 46.100s.

There were 3 red flag periods over the 3 days; Ham beached his W12, Per when his engine cover came off leaving debris on the track & Lec stopped on track.

The first race of F1 in Saudi Arabia on 5th December will be the longest street circuit with a 6.175km (3.837ml) lap and has 27 corners; the most of any current circuit with the average speed estimated at 252.8km/h. It will also be the 2nd longest lap on the calendar after Spa.

The first and second practice sessions in Bahrain were on Friday 26th March and Saturday 27th March with the race on Sunday 28th March. 

I hope you all enjoyed the race after the long break.