Forget Me Not

Caring for Carers

It’s very lonely being a Carer for a loved one.  Older Carers play a vital role in today’s society supporting their loved ones daily needs and long term health conditions.  Unfortunately it is well known that older Carers are very reluctant to ask for help as they’re from a generation of “make do and mend” which is often detrimental to their quality of life and mental health.  Older Carers often provide more intensive support and care for longer hours and are increasingly caring for someone with dementia which is one of the most challenging roles. The older Carer very often has a sense of loss because you lose the person you’re caring for, feel a loss of companionship, and are unable to enjoy social activities which means friends move on because the Carer finds it difficult to manage their loved one outside the home environment and so that support disappears and the Carer feels very lonely.

Here at Forget Me Not we play a vital role in giving the Carer time for themselves whilst their loved one is in a safe and happy environment.  We now have 2 meetings a week on Monday and Thursday mornings at the Social Centre on Sector B where your loved one will participate in a variety of activities from Bingo, to Chair Exercise and lunch is provided. If you want to stay with your loved one for several sessions to make sure they are settled in you’re  very welcome. 

We have 2 trained nurses at every session as well as volunteers and sometimes entertainment – last month we had the Ukulele Band come and entertain our clients and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. 

If you would like to come along to one of our sessions or speak to someone please contact Dee on 603 121 416or Diane on 711 028 693.