Forget Me Not is a charity group run by volunteers for anyone with an illness that requires a Carer to look after them. Sessions are held at the Social Centre Camposol B on Monday and Thursday mornings 10.15am-1.15pm thereby providing respite to the Carer. We have a trained nurse at every meeting as well as, skilled volunteers. Forget Me Not ‘Cares for the Carer’ and knows how valuable our sessions are, freeing up quality time for the Carer who is constantly in demand looking after their loved ones’ every need. Forget Me Not meetings provide tea, coffee and biscuits with a free lunch for clients. We pride ourselves to always be there for the Carer, with help, advice or just a sympathetic ear.  

At every meeting we have a craft session, the men enjoy games of dominoes and we have just resumed our gentle seated group exercise sessions. The clients and volunteers enjoy participating in the exercise sessions and we have a lot of fun. Exercise is very important in both physical and psychological well-being. The comradery of engaging in a group activity can lift the spirits of our clients. The specific exercises are all demonstrated by myself (a qualified Occupational Therapist with extensive experience working in the rehabilitation of older people). I aim to encourage hand-eye coordination, flexibility and gentle strengthening within the exercises. Participation in regular exercise can help to improve stamina and maintain muscle strength. Exercise can also reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression and fosters improvements in mood and feelings of well-being, through the production of endorphins, whilst maintaining healthy bones, muscles and joint flexibility. As we age, it’s normal to have reduced stamina and agility we enjoyed in younger years. But getting older doesn’t mean you have to be a couch potato! Gentle participation in basic seated exercise can increase energy levels and enable self-confidence to complete daily activities and maintain an active lifestyle within your limitations.  Therefore overall improving mobility, enhancing balance and coordination. In conclusion, regular participation in physical exercise can improve physical, mental and social engagement in older people, improving their quality of life and promoting healthy ageing. In addition, it can improve some cognitive function, encouraging positive attitudes and happiness through social interaction whilst maintaining physical strength and flexibility.

Forget Me Not is holding an Easter Raffle and you can win one of two fabulous Easter baskets. Both are packed with Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, numerous other delicious goodies and a fabulous meal voucher. Raffle tickets are available at the Black Bull, Camposol B, at €2 a strip or 3 for €5. The draw will be held on Good Friday April 7th between 5pm and 7pm at the Black Bull, so be sure to get your tickets and good luck.