We hope you all had a wonderful Easter and were able to enjoy some of our fund raisers last month. April unfortunately was quite a frustrating month for the charity as it seemed that the holidays were accompanied by more dog abandonment; dogs thrown out of cars, left to wander attached to leads, or basically just dumped.

Adopting a dog, or cat, is one of the most important decisions you will make. Dogs need your time and attention. They are social animals and they want to be with you. This doesn’t mean you have to be together 24/7, but you can generally say goodbye to your spontaneous care-free life. Remember that dogs can live for ten to twenty years and you have to think about that. Will you be moving, having children and how may your circumstances change? Remember also that adopting a dog from a ‘shelter’ will not always be easy. Shelter dogs need time to adjust to new homes. Don’t expect to bring home a dog that has been tossed from home to shelter to home to immediately be your best friend. Do your research. Different breeds will suit different lifestyles. Unfortunately we have had dogs returned to the charity because they do not ‘fit’. We understand that sometimes this is unavoidable and it’s always better that they come back to us. The experience will be traumatic enough for the dog without it returning to an unsafe environment. However with careful planning and thorough research all this upset can be avoided. Luckily most adoptions are pain-free and provide you with unconditional love. 

You can view all the dogs we have available for adoption via our Facebook page. There are all shapes and sizes to suit different lifestyles and homes.
There is also information on all our fundraisers. At the time of writing we are still negotiating musical acts for May, but our popular Market is already booked in for Saturday May 6th at Isla Plana Social Club. For something different why not try our Zentangle Workshop on May 11th? Zentangle is a fun and easy form of relaxation (zen), where you create (draw) images by using five basic strands; straight lines, simple curves, S curves, dots and orbs (circles). The creation of ‘tangles’ helps to promote self-confidence, relieve stress and anxiety and improve hand-eye co-ordination. It is a fabulous opportunity to try something new.

Please contact the team at FMA for more information about any of our dogs/cats and fund raising activities.

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