The objective of this activity is to bring together and publicize some of the modalities of this urban culture, generating a space for coexistence, exchange of knowledge and skills through exhibitions, workshops and a concert that will be based on the basic principles of: participation , equality, respect and alternative leisure.

The programme will start at 6.30pm at Mazarrón Skate Park and will include skate, scooter, exhibitions… graffiti, beatbox, freestyle, improvisation, urban dance, customization workshops, macramé workshops and stamps for personalized clothing printing, musical composition with recycled material… it will be a day where participation will be present in all these activities.

To close the day, we will be lucky to have the legend of Spanish rap, and with a long career, EL CHOJIN. The concert will begin at 10pm and is free. The Councillor for youth Silvia García encourages everyone to participate and enjoy this first edition of “Mazart” which she hopes will be the first of many.