“Talk to my family about money?  I would rather poke out my eyes with a blunt stick!”

Discussing finances with loved ones is a subject that crops up time after time when I have meetings with my clients.  It is not unusual for a client to disclose to me details about their personal life as well as their finances; I frequently hear about hobbies, interests and even embarrassing encounters at the hospital – often described in gory detail that leaves me choking on the delicious cake served up to me with my cuppa!

When I broach the subject of whether they would like me to discuss their investments or my recommendations with their children or relatives, quite often I am met with a look of horror, as though it was the worst possible thing I could have mentioned. That same client will gladly give their family details to put on beneficiary forms for when they pass away, but under no circumstances must the relatives know about any of the details whilst they are still alive.

The above is really quite a serious issue: if you do not want your assets to be lost after your death, then it is important to at least share the location of the relevant paperwork with your family (wills, policy documents, deeds etc.).  We have all seen the TV programmes depicting the ‘heir hunters’ looking for a slice of the action, whilst billions of pounds or euros sit in dormant accounts never being claimed or accounted for.

I always encourage my clients to give their family my contact details so they have someone to contact in the event of death.  I am also happy to discuss any aspects of my clients’ plans with their family, (important if my client is single or elderly), which can reassure them that their relative is dealing with someone reputable.

In today’s financial climate it is essential you do everything you can to ensure that your money is safe and that your wishes concerning your assets after your death can be fulfilled. Planning ahead can help give both you and your family peace of mind. 

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