What Women (And Men!) Want 

This year marks my being a Financial Adviser for 35 years. After all this time, after writing 100s and already covering every single possible topic I could regurgitate at least 3 times, when I was asked for an article to meet the monthly deadline I had to do something just a little different, so I thought to myself, “What do people want to know and hear about?”

Oddly, what sprang to mind was how I would discuss and manage my own financial affairs. It’s one of those things a lot of clients are curious about; like wondering if your therapist has a therapist!

Over the years I’ve seen some tactics used by financial advisors that I would personally hate to be on the receiving end of: scare tactics, or trying to force a fast decision through FOMO. Then there are elements of finance that I generally just don’t like; endless paperwork, the need to sign a slew of documents I’ll never read and spending the next 15 years struggling to shut the filing cabinet because it’s stuffed with company brochures I wasn’t interested in looking at to begin with, but somehow feel I shouldn’t throw out.

The list of ways I wouldn’t wish to be treated could go on forever, but what about the flipside? What do I expect from professionals when discussing my personal finances? 

Trust, Accessibility, Consistency and Expertise

I want to trust and rely on my financial adviser. I want him or her to be there for me when I need them, to help me navigate all the jargon and documents required in the digital age and just take away the burden of worrying about how my money is invested. 

Accessibility is also key. I want to see them when and where I want to see them (their office, my home or even over a video call). I do not want to be chopping and changing my adviser and going through all the ‘getting to know you’ paperwork every year. I want them to know ME and my individual needs, to work with me in the manner that fits into my life and needs. I want to have confidence that they have the experience and knowledge to navigate the minefield of Financial Services.

If you are like me and want the same kind of relationship, then it might be worth getting in touch and help me help you on YOUR terms.

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