Are You Resident In Spain But Have A UK Based Financial Adviser?

This week I was contacted by a UK based Financial Adviser.  He was someone I had worked with in the past and I knew he was a good reputable client-focused professional.  He knew I had been giving Financial Advice to clients in Spain for 8 years and wanted my help with a problem with one of his clients.

His client lived in Murcia and became resident in Spain 2018.  He helped her start receiving her pension benefits last year which included a Pension Commencement lump sum of around £200,000 which she used to purchase a property.  In the UK this lump sum is tax free if you are a UK resident, but in Spain it is treated as earned income and therefore adds to that year’s earnings when putting your tax returns forward. The Adviser was not aware of this as he had never dealt with this situation before.  The client now faces a tax demand from the Hacienda of over £70,000 which could have easily been avoided had the client spoke to an experienced Financial Adviser who was authorized and based in Spain.

This is a common problem in the UK with Advisers.  They want to retain their long-standing clients with whom they have a trusted relationship and want to continue to receive the trail commissions and annual fees, but quite often they can be ignorant to the financial harm that could have on their clients.

I was a Financial Adviser in the UK for over 20 years working for big institutions and even training up new Advisers when I worked for NatWest Bank.  I thought I knew everything there was to know about giving financial advice; after all I was experienced and passed all the qualifications.  When I moved to Spain 8 years ago it was like learning a completely new job.  The tax system was different, the products were different and for the first couple of years I felt like a novice and getting to grips with the constant rule changes was a nightmare.  In my opinion a UK based Adviser should never be responsible for giving Financial Advice to someone based in Spain as they have no idea of the implications the advice could give.

2 most common areas for UK ExPats in Spain with regard to Financial Advice from their UK Based Advisers are:

  • Taking benefits from their Pensions and understanding the tax implications.
  • Investing money without any idea as to how this impacts the clients with regards to Modello 720 (asset declarations) and tax returns.

I quite often work alongside UK based Advisers to assist their clients to prevent them making catastrophic mistakes like the one above.

If this relates to you, it will not cost you anything just to have a meeting and make sure you avoid any future financial headaches.

Please remain safe with your health and your wealth and contact us if you want to have a review of your portfolio or would like to look into the opportunities ahead.


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