Summer time is when our pet animals are more exposed to an attack of fleas and ticks. Both parasites are pretty disturbing for the animal and you and they can infect animals or make them develop allergies. These parasites can usually be easily detected. However, when talking about fleas and some kind of ticks, it is necessary to make a meticulous examination of the animal, especially on dark haired pets or animals with thick coats.

To control these ectoparasites, there is a large range of products available, but there are animals that are more prone to infestation than others, especially if they have been exposed to these parasites where they live and they may be extra sensitive to fleas, and or ticks. Sometimes just a single treatment of a product is not enough for the animal which means you may also need to apply a treatment over the area to kill the parasites the animal is exposed to. A little dog living in an apartment, that goes out a couple of times a day always on urban environments, will not be as prone to infection as other animals living in semi-freedom in the country. The treatment needed will obviously not be the same.
The dog living in a flat and with little exposure to parasites will probably only need the usual pipettes of anti-flea and tick treatment once a month during the summer unless it has developed a flea saliva allergy or it is highly sensitive to ectoparasite bites. This situation changes for a dog with high exposure to parasites from living in a rural area. In this case, an antiparasitic collar, combined with pipettes should be used, as well as spraying the animal and its environment. It should also be noted that treatment for intestinal worms should be given at the same time as the flea and tick treatment as these parasites live and work together. In the case of cats living both inside and outside, pipettes with adultiside-larvaside and ovoside power against fleas would be recommended as well as treatment against malophagus, ear mites and gastrointestinal worms.

Our experience is that the owner does not always choose the best option for their pets. They sometimes get products that are toxic for cats such as permetrina and almitraz, or they use it in a wrong way. Although you can find some antiparasitic collars in the supermarkets at 2€ and 3€, they obviously are not as efficient as those found in specialized shops at 23€ or 24€ and they can cause problems such as allergies.

If you care about your pets, we recommend consulting your local vet, since they are the only professionals who really can give you right information and prescribe or provide the best products for your much loved animals. This year we may have a big problem with fleas and ticks as the winter was very mild, so treating your pet regularly with the best products will prevent them from becoming infected and will mean that they and you will not be troubled by unwanted parasites.

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