Call FAST On 968 970 626 For Help And Information Only At This Time.
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic FAST is unable to attend patients. They aim to have their phone system running 24 hours a day to be able to give information, advice and support in a time of crisis.
You can ask FAST to call for an ambulance for you if you are unable to do so.

If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112. You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish. The operator will ask a series of questions so they can prioritise your call.
If you are faced with a medical emergency would you know what to do?
Just opening the airway by tilting the head back can allow someone to start breathing again.
Applying direct pressure to an open bleeding wound may stop serious blood loss.

The FAST cars have not been used since March when we were stopped from responding to calls. They are being stored by our fleet manager Glenn so that they are ready as soon as we are allowed to respond again. The FAST phone and information sheets are taken to the next Responder on phone duty by FAST Responders in their own vehicles.

If you are here on your own but have family in another country, give them the FAST number. If your family cannot reach you and are worried about your condition they can call FAST to check on you.

An apology:
Last month I reported that we had a donation from the Club de Golf. The donation of €300 was from The Camposol Golf Association. We would like to thank Betty and Lloyd Roberts and the association for their continued support of FAST.
Thank you to all those who have donated to FAST in the past and in the future! Thanks to Gill for the donation after the sad passing of Tony.
FAST can only provide the service as long as the funds keep coming in. We hope to be able to return to responding as soon as we are granted permission from the local authorities. The service that we provide is recognised by the British Consulate as a very important addition to the emergency services in Mazarrón.

Trip To Gibraltar (La Linea) in October.
Unfortunately we have had to cancel this. The good news is that we have rebooked for April 2021. Let’s hope we can get back to normal by then.
The Nurses Are Back!

The FAST nurses collect cash donations on Monday mornings on the dual carriageway approaching Camposol B Commercial Centre. Give them a wave and any spare cash you have! Unfortunately Gladys de Bin was vandalised and has had to undergo a head transplant. This is the second occasion where Gladys has been assaulted. The public do comment on Gladys and say they have a smile when they are passing.

We are always looking for new Responders as some of our present Responders are not as young as they were. Even with the restrictions in place we are planning the training programmes for when we can resume. The feeling you get when you have helped someone is better than any payment. If you are interested just email us at

If you are feeling the pressure of the restrictions on your way of life why not talk to a friend about how you are feeling. You are not alone; the mental health of society in general has been affected by the change in our lifestyles due to the virus.

All we do is for all of you!