FAST New Medical Emergency Number Is 868 487 015

If you are feeling down and depressed and need to talk to someone in confidence you can call one of our trained mental health first aiders on 634 308 362

Call FAST on 868 487 015 for help and information.

We will be able to give valuable assistance and information over the phone.

FAST has been invited by the British Consulate (Support in Spain) to be included in a Directory Of Services For Expats In Spain. This Directory will include major charities and organisations in Spain and is to assist the Expat community in finding out where they can receive assistance for a variety of social problems including Mental Health. In practical terms it will include the location of health centres, opening times and telephone numbers. When I have more details I will make sure the information is passed on.

FAST Emergency Responders are still at the end of the phone for guidance and information on868 487 015, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, FAST is unable to attend patients who call us. Our phone system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give advice, information and support in a time of crisis. With the correct advice over the phone you could save a life.

If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112.  You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish.  The operator will ask a series of questions so that they can prioritise your call. You can ask FAST to call for an ambulance for you if you are unable to do so

FAST is still looking at purchasing defibrillators for Camposol. These may save a life of someone suffering a heart problem. At this time the initial request to the council has come to a standstill due to issues including training, maintenance and ownership, which may not be in the interests of FASTor the community. We have attempted to contact the new Chief of Emergency Services in Mazarrón, but he wasn’t available.

Due to travel restrictions in place at this time we cannot arrange any trips or social events. As soon as the restrictions are lifted, we will organise a Coach Trip to Benidorm and maybe the Trip to Gibraltar later in the year. At least we can travel within Murcia!

We have had some people enquire about joining FAST. The people interested have been contacted, so we can meet up for a coffee so they can learn what they want to get out of joining. We can also let them know howFAST operates. No past experience is required as all training is provided in-house. Our training sessions were held in the Social Centre on Camposol B. Unfortunately at this time the Centre is closed and we have been unable to train for the past year.

Giving something back to our community is a very rewarding feeling. If you are interested just email us at 

Without more Responders the service we deliver will be greatly reduced.

Stay Safe

In A Medical Emergency Call 112 First Then Call FAST On 868 487 015 

If You Or Someone You Know Needs To Speak To A 

Trained Mental Health First Aider Then Call 634 308 362

More information can be found on our webpage

You Are Not Alone!