Do you want to become a FAST Responder and join this highly respected charity on Camposol? Call into the social centre on Tuesday mornings for a warm welcome or email 

All our Responders are fully trained First Responders and authorised by the Murcian Health Authority (MHA) to operate the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) and to perform CPR. 

FAST is again providing a physical response if the caller indicates a life or death situation and an emergency telephone service where we can give helpful information. As we have a shortage of Responders we will try to give 24/7 service. If we cannot have a Responder on duty we will provide a telephone advice service. We had to stop responding to emergencies due to one of our Responders testing positive to Covid. All Responders are now clear of the virus.

In a medical emergency call 112 first then call FAST on 868 487 015. We will keep the people of Camposol up to date regarding the lifesaving service on social media, the FAST Facebook page and our webpage is where you can find more up to date information.

To give 24/7 cover we need to recruit more people to betrained as Responders. Most Responders will always respond in pairs, day or night. We have flexible shifts, 6/12/24 hours to suit the individual.

If you have symptoms of Covid, you should stay at home and phone 900 121 212, explain your symptoms and they will advise you on what you should do. Lateral flow tests are available from the pharmacy. Testing may stop infection spreading.

If you have a medical emergency call 112. Ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish. They will ask a series of questions in order to prioritise the call. If the call is at night, we ask the caller to put outside lights on as this will help us and the Emergency services to find your location.

If you live on your own and keep in touch with family abroad. Give them the FAST number or webpage address. We recently received a request via the webpage to check on a relative living on Camposol. We checked on the individual, but unfortunately the individual had passed away. We were able to alert the authorities.

When FAST Responders attend an emergency they can stop catastrophic bleeding, ensure the casualty has an open airway and if required give lifesaving CPR. Both the FAST vehicles are fully equipped with defibrillators, blood clotting type bandages and all the other kit required of a first Responder. We also comfort the other members of the household; give advice on what the medics will want to see when they arrive. Also if the patient has to stay in hospital we have a list of things they may need for a hospital stay. If you need any help or support give FAST a call. If we cannot help, we will direct you to the correct place.

The FAST Nurses are back on a Monday morning. Give them a wave and any donation is gratefully accepted. Our expenses have not reduced while we have not been active! Our two vehicles still have to be taxed and insured. They are serviced regularly and ITV inspections carried out. The phones have to be topped up and replaced.  A lot of the consumables we carry have to be replaced as the dates run out.

Our Mental Health phone is manned 24/7. If you are feeling depressed, alone or just want to talk to someone the new number is 0034 613 205 895. There will be someone there to listen to you and give you advice if you need it.