Important Message

FAST needs more volunteers to enable us to provide the valuable life saving service. It has been more than 12 months since we were responding in person. As regulations ease we may be able to resume our valuable service by responding in person.

Call FAST On 868 487 015 For Help And Information, We Will Be Able To Give Valuable Assistance And Information Over The Phone.

If You Are Feeling Down and Depressed and Need To Talk To Someone In Confidence You Can Call One Of Our Trained Mental Health First Aiders On634 308 362. This Service Is Available To English Speakers In The Murcia Region

All training is free to the volunteers. In ‘normal’ times there is a lively social scene; day trips and meals out. It is a good way to make friends and in return give something back to the community.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic FAST is still unable to attend patients when they are called.  We are hoping to resume training very soon and then respond in person soon after that. We are just waiting for permission from the local and regional authorities. Our phone system is still available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to give advice, information and support in a time of crisis.

With the correct advice over the phone you could save a life.

If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112

You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish.  The operator will ask a series of questions so they can prioritise your call. You can ask FAST to call for an ambulance for you if you are unable to do so.

Members of FAST would like to express their sadness of the passing of Ramon Murthi. Our condolences go to his family. Thank you for the kind donation that will contribute to saving lives on Camposol. 

The British Ambassador to Spain, His Excellency Hugh Elliot came to Mazarrón on June 3rd accompanied by his wife. Also attending were the Consol General and the Honorary Consol from Alicante. While they were on Camposol they attended a demonstration of FAST First Response skills and were very interested and pleased that we are here to assist the people of Camposol. The Ambassador had an opportunity to speak with the team and ask questions.

The Ambassador was quite impressed at the life saving equipment that we had on display and the professional way in which FAST operated. We explained that we were not a group of ‘first aiders’, but highly trained First Responders.

The FAST Nurses are collecting every Monday. Please give them a friendly wave. We appreciate all donations no matter how small.

FAST is still looking at purchasing defibrillators for Camposol which may save the life of someone suffering with a heart problem. The initial request to the council came to a standstill due to issues including training, maintenance and ownership, which may not be in the interests of FAST or the community. We have tried to contact the new Chief of emergency services in Mazarrón.  

Giving something back to our community is a very rewarding feeling. If you are interested just email FAST at Without more Responders the service we deliver will be greatly reduced or cease to exist.

Stay Safe! You Are Not Alone!

In A Medical Emergency Call 112 First Then Call FAST On 868 487 015

If You Or Someone You Know Needs To Speak To A Trained Mental Health First Aider, Call 634 308 362

More information can be found on