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FAST Throwback Picture
FAST Throwback Picture

FAST – First Aid Support Team – is YOUR volunteer first Responder Team in Camposol.  We are here to assist you in the event of an emergency in Camposol whether you are a resident, holiday home owner, or just visiting the urbanisation. Our services are provided free of charge.  Our fully trained and officially certified Volunteer Responders are all based in Camposol and aim to be with you sooner than the ambulance and, if necessary, can commence life-saving treatment (for example, maintaining an airway, CPR including the use of our automatic defibrillator, stopping catastrophic bleeding etc) before the ambulance crew arrive.  We are also trained to assist with other less urgent issues until the arrival of the paramedics and can advise and provide reassurance and comfort to both the casualty and other members of the household.

If you have a medical emergency please call 112 (using the 112 Region de Murcia App if you have it) and then call FAST on 868 487 015.

As we recover from the pandemic and our own operational issues, we are looking to get our organisation back up to full strength so that we can ensure full 24/7 Responder cover and financial security for the operation going forward. To this end we continue to encourage you to come forward to train as a Responder or assist as a supporter.

For further information please contact us on recruitment@fast2016.org or come and see us at our weekly desk outside The Diner, Camposol B on Fridays 10.30am-12.30pm or join us at one of our weekly training sessions at the Social Centre, Camposol B on Tuesday mornings from 10-12am.

Our exciting news is that we are now once again up and running with a varied programme of trips, days out and events planned throughout the year.  If you have not already joined our new Facebook Group  – FAST Fun Team – Camposol – have a look and join up now to be first to discover our latest offerings. We will be manning a weekly desk outside The Diner, Camposol B every Friday from 10.30am-12.30pm where you can buy tickets for the events.  There will be a Responder on hand should you want to talk about joining FAST.  They will also be available to perform a Free Blood Pressure Check or maybe assist you with downloading the 112 Region de Murcia App onto your mobile phone.

Spoiler Alert!

We have an extra special sophisticated evening event with West End entertainment in the planning for Friday 26th May, so put the date in your diary, get those posh frocks ready and look out for further details!

We look forward to seeing you!