FAST has been back on active responding since the end of October. Our primary concern is for our Responders who may attend people’s homes. We are all instructed by our accredited trainers that we first look for danger. One new form of danger for us is the COVID 19 virus. When a call is made to FAST one of the questions you will be asked is “Have you been vaccinated against COVID?” Depending on the answer, our response may be modified to not only protect the Responders, but the wider public.  We will be available to give advice if the caller has any symptoms of COVID. On days when we cannot respond in person, we are able to give advice over the phone.

We have 5 new recruits. COVID restrictions and protocols were observed and adhered to during their training. The new recruits all passed their examinations, theory and practical.  They will be accompanied for a while by an experienced Responder. We are planning another new recruits’ course for December. If you would like to be a Responder, please come along on a Tuesday morning to the Social Centre, Camposol B and see what we do. You will be made most welcome. Training is free to the Responder and the Murcian Health Authority recognise the standard of training.

If you have a medical emergency first call 112

AST on duty for the MABS race for life
AST on duty for the MABS race for life

Ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish. They will ask a series of questions in order to prioritise the call. Then call FAST on 868 487 015.

The FAST Responders will ask some questions and attend your location as quickly as possible. If the call is at night, we ask the caller to put outside lights on to assist us finding the address. This will also help the Emergency services to find the location.

When FAST Responders attend an emergency, they can stop catastrophic bleeding, ensure the casualty has an open airway and if required, give lifesaving CPR. Both the FAST vehicles are fully equipped with defibrillators, blood clotting type bandages and all the other kit required of a first Responder. They also comfort the other members of the household and give advice on what the medics will want to see when they arrive. If the patient has to stay in hospital FAST has a list of things they may need.

One of the happy travellers to Gibraltar
One of the happy travellers to Gibraltar

If you are feeling depressed, or just need to speak to a trained Responder regarding your state of mind, call the Mental Health Line on 634 308 362. Our trained Mental Health Responders are available 24 hours a day to support the people of Camposol and Saladillo. 

FAST would like to thank Betty and Lloyd Roberts for organising the Quiz at The Golf Club on 4th November in aid of 3 charities on Camposol, FAST, MABS and Age Concern. Over €900 was raised on the night.

Members of the FASTSupporter Team organised a trip to Gibraltar in late October. It was a great few days enjoyed by all. Special thanks to Jenny Clive and Annie Hamilton.

We have had personal donations from Bernie Mac and Julia.

We would like to thank Debbie Shaw for always supporting FAST.

A special mention for Sue Pipe at The Diner for the fantastic charity work she carried out. Sue has helped to raise over €22,000 for charities on Camposol.

If you would like to join this enthusiastic group of volunteers and give something back to your community please call FAST on 634 338 110, call into the Social Centre on a Tuesday morning, or email