FAST Camposol


FAST provides a life-saving service.

We preserve life, stop conditions deteriorating, reassure and comfort the casualty and family in a time of crisis.

Call into the Social Centre at 10.00am on Tuesday mornings for a warm welcome or email us for more information.

Most Responders will always respond in pairs day or night. We have flexible shifts; 6 hours, 12 hours or 24 to suit the individual.

All our Responders are fully trained level 3 and level 4 First Responders and are authorised by the Murcian Health Authority (MHA) to operate the Automatic Electronic Defibrillator (AED) and to perform CPR.

The long-awaited insurance is now in place and our acceptance into the Spanish Association of Volunteers is a formality.  Special thanks to Jeremy Newhall for all the work he has put in and Barry Hamilton and Jenny Salt for supplying all the necessary documentation. 

In a medical emergency call 112 first then call FAST on 868 487 015

Ask for an operator to speak in your language if you don’t speak Spanish. They will ask a series of questions in order to prioritise the call. If the call is at night, put outside lights on as this will help us and the Emergency services to find your location.

We will keep the people of Camposol up to date regarding the lifesaving service on social media, the FAST Facebook page and our web page is where you can find more up to date information. There is now the 112 Murcia App. The authorities in Murcia are encouraging all residents in the region to have the App on their smart phone.

FAST Responders attending an emergency can stop catastrophic bleeding, ensure the casualty has an open airway and if required give lifesaving CPR. Both theFAST vehicles are fully equipped with defibrillators, blood clotting type bandages and all the other kit required of a first responder. We also comfort the other members of the household; give advice on what the medics will want to see when they arrive. If the patient has to stay in hospital we have a list of things they may need for a hospital stay. 

If you live on your own and keep in touch with family abroad, why not give them the FAST number or webpage address? If they contact us we can make a house call to check that you are ok. If you need any help or support, give us a call. If we cannot help we will direct you to the correct place.

FASThad a Music Evening recently sponsored by three bars on Camposol A. Thank you to them and all who attended and enjoyed the evening.

FAST Nurses

The FAST nurses are collecting on Mondays, even in 38 degrees and the flies! The collections are to enable the service to continue.

The long awaited (due to the pandemic) FASTAGM was held recently and a full report will be published on our media pages.

Our Mental Health phone is manned 24/7. If you are feeling depressed, alone or just want to talk to someone call 0034 613 205 895. There will be someone there to listen to you and give advice if you need it.