In A Medical Emergency Call 112 Then Call FAST On 968 970 626

If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112 and the operator will ask a series of questions so they can prioritise your call. You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish, then call FAST on 968 970 626

If you are faced with a medical emergency would you know what to do? Just opening the airway by tilting the head back can allow someone to start breathing again. Applying direct pressure to an open bleeding wound may stop serious blood loss.

The processionary caterpillars are around at this time of year. Do not let your pets get close to them. If you get the hairs from the caterpillar on your skin, do not rub the area, use sellotape to remove the hairs causing the irritation.

The FAST Spring Fayre that should have been held on Friday 10th April has unfortunately been cancelled due to the restrictions for the Coronavirus.

Our aim is to give 24/7 cover to the people on Camposol and Saladillo. We can also give advice over the phone to people on Condado de Alhama and Mazarrón Country Club. We are always looking for new recruits to join our team of First Responders. The most common thing we do as Responders is to bring comfort and reassurance to the casualty and their family. Don’t be afraid to join because it is not all blood and misery. Come along to the Social Centre, Camposol B on a Tuesday morning for a chat.

We have had calls recently to attend people who live on their own, or are here for just a short time on their own. If you are on your own it is a good idea to make sure your neighbours are aware of you. Maybe give a neighbour a spare key. If you are taken ill and taken to hospital you will need money to get a taxi home unless a neighbour or friend can give you a lift. It is also important to carry your identification with you. You will need either your medical card, EHIC card or travel insurance.

If you are here on your own but have family in another country, give them the FAST number. If your family cannot reach you and are worried about your condition they can call FAST to check on you.

Thank you to all those who have donated to FAST in the past and hopefully in the future! We can only provide the service as long as the funds keep coming in. The CRA (Camposol Residents Association) presented FAST with €250 at our training session. Thank you to Phil Gelling and his team for the donation.

Thank you also to Caroline May for the donation from her performance at Mariano’s on 29th February. A great night was had by all.

The FAST Nurses collect on Monday mornings on the dual carriageway approaching Camposol B Commercial Centre. The Nurses are available to give advice on hair styles and makeup.

When the FAST Responders arrive to a call-out, they will ask a series of questions directed at the casualty or the partner. It may seem to delay treatment, but it is important to know if the casualty is allergic to anything, what medication they are on and if they being treated for a medical condition. Please be patient when the Responder is asking questions.

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