Ecocorp Solar – It’s clean green energy with a virtual battery backup.

Ecocorp Solar SL, Almeria’s Nº1 family run solar installation company is now covering Camposol & Mazarrón. They have over 16 years experience in the design, configuration and installation of solar power systems for their clients.

At Ecocorp we pride ourselves on our first class customer service; Our goal is always to provide total satisfaction to our customers and exceed their expectations.

Unlike some companies, we don’t just send you a kit and consider it “mission accomplished”; We professionally install your system ourselves and then spend time making sure you feel 100% confident with your new setup.

Our Services:

Customised solutions: Professional installation management team.
We will recommend a smart solar solution that meets your unique requirements.

Our in-house team: Will proactively manage any license/authorisation requirements or change to a new provider on your behalf.

Our technical team: Designs and implements solar solutions with industry leading teams.

Contact us:

Whether you are considering alternative energy provision or need power supply in a remote location, email us at for a free consultation or quote.
For advice or technical support, email us at
Alternatively, you can call us during office hours:
Open: Monday - Friday 9am to 6pm
Sales: 950 096 166 | 671 716 597