Rescue Centre Now At Rock Bottom!

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre recently reported that they were ‘experiencing the worst pressure they have ever been under in the 11 years they have been up and running’. Despite the fact that many people responded kindly with offers of help by volunteering and donating EHCRC desperately need more as – yes – the situation has deteriorated!

Sue Weeding reported previously that they owed €20,000 for forage above the €2,000 or so that they have to pay every couple of weeks for a new delivery of hay. They had started to reduce this amount and had got it down to €17,200 with donations they have been receiving, but then the bomb fell earlier in the week! 

Sue said “The suppliers of the forage have asked us to pay the remaining money we owe now. We totally understand, but are completely devastated as we just don’t have this type of money.”

The huge forage bill is due to the devastation caused by last September’s horrific storm which destroyed local crops and the Weedings now have to order the supplies from further afield and the cost is double. Many people rallied around to help and support EHCRC back in September, but believe it or not, due to dishonest people and the Government, they have not received some of this help to date. 

A very kind person from Austria heard their cries for help and he encouraged many farmers to donate hay from Austria and Germany and a local Golf Society, with the help of some others, generously paid for the transport for €3,150. The money was paid to the transport company in Germany in October. EHCRC have been fobbed off with excuse after excuse as to why they haven’t received this delivery and they asked the company to return the money, but the company are not responding to letters or phone calls. The Golf Society has now got lawyers involved to deal with this despicable transport company.

A second supporter from Norway organised for several loads of hay to be transported to EHCRC with a much needed tractor and water pump, but……..yes yet another stumbling block! The Spanish Government has said that 21% IVA must be paid on this donated food and the pump and tractor as it is not classed as ‘a crisis situation or humanitarian need’. The Norwegian Charity and their lawyers are arguing the case as they cannot afford to pay this tax on top. 

As mentioned previously, the Charity Shops are a vital source of funds which have kept EHCRC going, but the IVA on donated items that are sold is affecting the takings and literally taking essential resources from the ‘horse’s mouth’.

This is adding even more pressure on Sue and Rod, but hasn’t come about through bad management; it is through a series of extreme circumstances beyond the EHCRC’s control. Ultimately the ones who will suffer are the animals. EHCRC not only rescue animals from desperate situations, but are continually striving to influence the local and national authorities and law makers of the country to try to make changes to animal welfare in Spain. The 120 so very deserving horses, ponies and donkeys and other rescued animals desperately need your help and support, so please give as generously as you can. 

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