The Road to Rescue is Rocky!

Another 2 rescued equines arrived at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre recently. EHCRC already has nearly 120 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys and it is impossible for them to take every animal. They have to focus their attention on those animals most in need and in conjunction with the Police and Guardia Civil. Reporting cases of abuse or abandonment ie making a ‘denuncia’ to the Guardia Civil/Police is paramount (details of how to do this can be found on EHCRC website below). 

The first of these rescues was a darling little pony. EHCRC received a phone call from URMA, the Policia Local in Callosa de Segura.  They had received an anonymous call to say there was a little pony in an appalling state. They responded immediately and could see at a glance that this poor animal needed help there and then, so they phoned EHCRC and as always Rod dropped everything to go there straight away. The Police helped Rod load her onto the trailer and they went directly to the Police Station to get the necessary paperwork to allow Rod to transport her legally to EHCRC. She is the sweetest little thing, about 9 years old, but she is covered in sores with dreadful skin problems.  She is very malnourished and her feet are in an awful state. Dorothea, their equine vet, has given her a full check up and she is receiving the care she so justly deserves. The Police want Dorothea’s report as they are determined to take this case to court; another step forward in animal welfare.

The second rescue was an adorable donkey. The Centre received a call from ProtectoraPelsPèlsCrevillent, an animal organisation in the Alicante Province. The owners of a property had called them after they had found a donkey tied to their fence.  She was in a very poor condition with a huge lump under her tummy. Pels Pèls don’t have the facilities to keep a donkey, so they asked EHCRC for help. Having advised them to report it to the authorities, they did so immediately and took care of the donkey, making sure she had shade, food and water. The Local Police contacted EHCRC and yet again Rod went immediately and the Police prepared the necessary paperwork. 

Dorothea was determined that the huge lump she had was a hernia: basically, the intestines had broken through a weakened area in the abdominal wall. As there was a risk of rupture that could cause very serious problems, she needed to have surgery as soon as possible. The Hospital Veterinario San Vicente in Alicante, agreed to do the operation and we are delighted to report that the surgery was successful and she is now recovering well, having had some much-needed dental work done at the same time. A special thanks to those who donated towards her operation. She is now known as Luisa, after one of the vets who treated her at the Hospital, Maria Luisa, whose saint’s day is 21st June, St Luis, which is also the day this donkey was rescued! 

Many thanks to the Policia Local in Callosa de Segura and Crevillente for their prompt action. Like many other authorities in the area, they are so grateful for the services EHCRC provides as without them they would not be able to be proactive in the fight against animal cruelty as so few organisations have the facilities to keep equines. The fight to improve animal welfare can only continue with public support and that of the authorities. A huge thank you as well to all the other people involved in the rescue of these animals

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EHCRC functions without any governmental funding and relies on donations, volunteers, their charity shops and the 24/7 unrelenting drive of the co-founders, Sue and Rod Weeding. 

You can visit our two latest rescues and all the other residence on our next open day 4th August from 1-4pm.

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