A cloudy and somewhat cool day on Thursday 9th March saw 5 flyers and a Mum meet for a Droning Day at Fuente Caputa near Cieza. Everyone had arrived by 10.45am for an 11am start, some in shorts & T-shirts from the South where it had been 20°, but the more cautious of us (from the North) had come prepared for a non-sun day in jeans & fleece!!

First was to get to the Viaduct and Lagoon. Whilst the more adventurous and agile members of the group took the scenic walk down alongside the river, Terry and I made the drive through the forest along a track and a narrow road down to the Viaduct.  There is some stunning scenery driving down and at one point we were overlooking the Fuente de la Cierva near Mula, which you pass by on the Motorway RM15.  In summer this reservoir has a lovely shade of turquoise due to the mineral content of the water.  Science lesson over and on with the show.

As you will see from the photos, it is a lovely place to visit and it being a weekday, it was quiet.  At weekends it is a popular location to visit, so bear this in mind if you decide to have a look yourself. In Summer the lagoon is warm enough to swim in, so maybe next time someone will bring their Speedos to try it out – great footage expected! 

Flying through the arches, over the top and surrounding area proved a success, apart from one tree which came in the way of one flyer (me) with his drone getting caught up, motors stopped and falling out of the tree. Whilst the sky was not any shade of blue that day, the air surrounding this flyer did turn a slight blueish colour – well more midnight if I’m honest. After putting on a new propellor, the Drone started again, but the fall had damaged more than just that and it just fell to one side whilst trying to lift off – no more flying for me that day.  A DJI Care Package has seen the drone go to the repair shop and I should have a replacement within 14 days. Bear this in mind if you decide to buy a DJI Drone. It is worth taking out this option. The rest of the group carried on with some amazing footage. Check out Drone Seekers International Facebook page for links to watch them: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1980281998867305 

The meeting place, Naciemiento de Fuente Caputa is where the main picnic area is, so we headed back there for food and drink.  The two DJI Avata flyers took the opportunity to film parts of the walk back from the Lagoon, at times following each other over the rocks, reeds and undergrowth alongside the stream which goes down to the Lagoon. Great skill.

Terry had brought burgers with all the trimmings whilst one of the team was on a health kick with a tuna salad sandwich – no doubt summer picnics for the group will have everyone on this diet!!  This was finished off with homemade blueberry muffins. It was then time to have a quick fly around this area which again has some stunning scenery.  The bridge from the road across to the Picnic Area has 3 arches underneath which had to be flown through by one of the team (of course) and whilst a risk, the drone got through OK without any problem – no wet feet collecting a fallen drone.

It was disappointing weather considering it had forecast sunshine, but everyone wants to go back and do it all again.  Another enjoyable day.  

If  you are interested in buying, flying, joining, or getting information, contact any of the members on the Spanish Drone Seekers’ Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1980281998867305/search/?q=spanish%20drone%20seekers