Emergency Protocol To Help Reverse Advanced Cancers 

If you are already on Orthodox treatment, or opted for no more treatment, this article is for you.

I have had a ton of interest from my monthly articles and am still helping people from my YouTube videos where I had over 10k subscribers before they took my channel down for mentioning Chlorine Dioxide which is detailed in the book. I have condensed the content of my book into an easy-to-follow guide for most cancer patients to follow quickly since time is important when trying to reverse a terminal diagnosis. The information in the book is detailed and for some poorly people can be difficult to assimilate and action effectively. If this sounds like you, then take a look at the information below which should help to clarify your protocol to overall better health in just a few pages. 

After reading this overview, go to the relevant section in the book for more detail if you have questions. I am always happy to answer questions that are not covered in the book. 

Protocol For Advanced Cancer Diagnoses 

Advanced disease requires advanced techniques to combat the breakdown of our physiology. This decline in health is likely to have been going on for many years and most of this decline can be ‘silent’.  Often there are no obvious symptoms, as the body-coping mechanisms have the ability to ‘heal’ up to a certain point. Eventually those tell-tale symptoms eventually start to appear.

The protocol below has been shown to address this long systemic decline and in many cases, reversing symptoms including inflammation and advanced cancers. Most importantly, the protocol supports the human physiology and unlike most prescription drugs, will not harm you. We build on what you already have to help your body to become healthy and also reverse the systemic decline from inflammation. 

The inevitable decline first appears as auto-immune problems like Arthritis, Colitis, IBS, and general aches and pains. These are all signs of an inflammatory response to what you have been doing in the past. If we don’t change what we do, we are very likely to get the same result.   

The advanced disease protocol will be revolving around several key areas. It is not vital to include all these, but the more attack you wage on advanced disease, the greater the likelihood of a rapid reversal of the problems you may be encountering. 

Summaries we deal with:

  1. Dietary control and lifestyle changes
  2. Breathing techniques morning (and preferably bedtime as well)
  3. Hot and cold showers (progressing to a 2 minute final cold shower exposure)
  4. Breakfast choices
  5. Juicing
  6. Afternoon snacks  
  7. Evening meal
  8. Fasting begins ideally for 16 hours between around 7.30pm until 11.30am. This is Intermittent fasting
  9. Use of CDS oral dosing and/or CDS enemas 
  10. The Fasting Mimicking Diet  

First we will look at Dietary Control in general and for the evening meal: 

There are two possible options (Ketogenic and Plant Based) and the effect of liver hormone ‘IGF1’. Crucially meat and dairy stimulate IGF1 once carbs are introduced. IGF1 has the ability to grow cancer cells rapidly if keto is not done correctly. It is easier to eliminate meat and dairy and go down the plant based route. 

These two diets cannot be compromised – it is either one of the other.

Meat and dairy when combined with even moderate carbohydrate intake is damaging thanks to IGF1 and heme-iron from meat and dairy. However Ketogenic diets, when done correctly, can be equally effective.  For people in a state of decline, with all the weighing and measuring, as well as adapting to fat burning from the natural default sugar burning state for humans, can be highly complex to achieve and not sustainable for the longer term. 

Make no mistake, plant based is the best option in my opinion and the easiest to do. There are numerous vegan substitutes for the things you will be eliminating, like all processed food, fish, chicken, milk cheese, cream, butter, eggs and the like. My eBook contains a few of my own vegan recipes. Email me if you do not have a copy. 

Simply put, we need to ensure that anything that enters your mouth has not been processed, nor had any animal involved in the making of the food. This will keep IGF1 levels at the lowest possible level, to allow all the other protocols to be effective while we significantly slow down the progression of cancer and any other as yet undiscovered potential issues. 

Some of the substitutes include, any plant based milk (organic soy is one I use for coffee). Nutritional yeast (link below) for that cheesy flavour and you can use as much as you like as it is loaded with essential B vitamins.

Any shop-bought bread is either bad or very bad! Even if it is made on the premises, it will be made from either wheat or wheat derivative and this is always of dubious sources and quality and tons of bad stuff added for preservatives. 

Use the recipe in my eBook for ‘sesame seed bread’ which is delicious.  Add marmite and or peanut butter. Vegetable spread or humus spread is fine too. Never use condiments like marmalade, raspberry jam etc as these are packed with sugar and will screw up your metabolism, spike insulin and feed the cancer cells.  You will soon get used to not using butter and do not buy butter substitute as they contain very unhealthy oils and additives which are carcinogenic.  

For main dishes, cook a large batch to taste with a wide variety of spices and herbs. You can of course vary these, but there is no harm in including all of them for a wide variety of flavours and massive nutritional benefit.

Make sure you wash all produce, especially if it is not organic.  To ensure no residual pesticides are on the fruits or veg, place all produce in cold water and add about 6ml of CDS to neutralize any residue. CDS is explained in detail in my eBook. Leave produce in the water for up to an hour. Modern farm practices will mean plenty of residual pesticides can be present, depending on where you live and the farming method. Organic is obviously the first choice, but for some prohibitively expensive. If you use standard produce we need to eliminate as much as we can to ensure the minimal load of toxicity enters the body adding more stress to our liver and lymphatic clearance. 

Part 2 next month 

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