6 years after my terminal Cancer diagnosis my latest blood results confirm I am now clear! 

My Story…

The news of my latest blood results was the icing on the cake of my journey from abject despair to elation. I put in the research, the time and the protocols which eliminated the bad and embraced the good.

To be clear, once I was faced with more invasive and potentially harmful aggressive treatments I had to be disciplined and confident that my changes would get to the root cause of my problems AND  IT DID !!! 

I managed to stay on track by removing all my “addictions” to processed foods. The endless packets of crisps, digestive biscuits, breakfast boxes of cereals, pop corn, store bought bread, cakes, pastries, cans of soda coke and the like were all ditched in favour of homemade healthy options with real ingredients from natural sources. This included dates, nuts, dark chocolate, oats, homemade flapjacks, muesli bars, and chocolate chip nut bars. Main meals were varieties of vegetable curries using huge amounts of spices to get a flavour to beat any other restaurant dish I was offered.   

If God did not make it I did not eat it. The stuff the supermarket shelves are lined with is an array of tempting sugar, salt and bad fat laden dead foods designed with added chemicals, preservatives and a flavour that will get us hooked forever to help create a wealth of nutrient deficiency meaning an immune system inadequately equipped to deal with a normal healthy body.  

The result is inflammation and an acid environment which by its nature can be the pre cursor to major health decline.

If you have pain, swelling, stiffness, aches, poor sleep, are stressed and frustrated about life in general (who isn’t) then you could be setting yourself up for bigger problems in the future. This was me in 2014 when my first biopsy confirmed my prostate cancer.   After Orthodox treatment which failed and a second subsequent biopsy in 2016 confirmed not just its return but more progression, I was faced with the decision to try more invasive treatment or fix it myself. 

I chose the second option as none of the options offered to me were going to rid me of the root cause of my cancer. I could have had chemotherapy, radiation or simply cut away the offending organs one by one. But none of these address the root cause of why I got sick in the first place. 

When I had my first cancer treatment in 2014 my PSA CANCER marker was 7.2 (over 4 is bad and usually investigated). While the number went down initially, it quickly rose again after 18 months and returned higher than ever – that was when I refused more treatment. 

Fast forward to March 2022 and my PSA IS 0.04, almost undetectable!

Add to this every other category of the comprehensive blood test, and it is clear that what I have been doing for the past 6 years has worked. Not just for me but also for many of the 10000 subscribers my youtube channel generated who were all suffering similar problems. Those who did what I did had a similar outcome. 

My eBook is free to Costa Calida Chronicle readers on what to eat and how to improve every area of your life, and if you’d like a copy please email me.  I also explain what to avoid, what to embrace and what supplements can help what condition.