What to eat to reduce inflammation, lower cancer markers and restore healthy immune function.

Below is information that helped me reverse my own cancer prognoses thanks to a 66% reduction in my PSA cancer marker from 5.2 to 1.7 in just 10 days. 3 weeks later it was 0.65!  5 years on, it is now 0.2!!!

1 Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Consuming a healthy diet rich in antioxidants from fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, grains and healthy fats is critical to support a healthy immune system, especially as we age. Pathogenic agents cannot thrive in alkaline environments which make eating fresh fruits and vegetables and healthy cell-supporting fats absolutely necessary. 

Sadly with so much processed garbage flooding the market, most of us are adding to the toxic load daily with a diet high in sugar, bad fats, dyes, chemicals, artificial flavourings and processed salts etc. Add to that heavy metals like lead and mercury (tooth fillings and in the sea and the earth) as well as elemental chlorine in the water supply, GMO crops and household chemicals. Personal care products like deodorants, scents, shampoo and toothpaste also can be a toxin. This is a lot to process. 

The key is getting as much toxicity out of the system as possible while ensuring that you get proper nutrition to ensure good gut function where 80% of our immune system comes from. 

Most people’s diets are heavily acidic and can lead to gut problems and proper ‘absorption’ and as a result deplete immune function. The Cancer diet protocol eliminates all foods that cause the acidity load to be increased and further compromise our lymphatic system’s ability to clear out the extra load of acid waste.

The protocol I adopted in 2016 has been adjusted and tweaked to further improve the outcome of those wishing to emulate my success on my own prostate cancer so my own protocol now is below:

At the beginning of my journey I was juicing at least ½kg of carrots, celery, kale, beetroot, broccoli and whatever else was in season in order to flood my body with antioxidants and supercharge immune response. I would do this around midday and was drinking around 1 litre of juice. The beta-carotene from the carrots turned my skin a little orange, but once I reduced my intake, normality resumed, but I did not have any side effects from this other than the amazing turnaround in my cancer markers which gave me the drive and enthusiasm to start learning more about how such a simple and effective protocol could have achieved such a huge change in such a short period of time. I also was using Bicarbonate of Soda to rapidly alkalize the body to slow down any more cancer growth.

It is difficult to know exactly what caused this huge turnaround.

Was it stopping my significant alcohol consumption?

Was it eliminating all processed foods (anything that was not live food)?

Was it eliminating all forms of meat and dairy products?

Was it flooding my body with huge antioxidants from the juicing?

Was it making all my own food from real live fresh produce?

Was it cutting out all the junk food like bread, cakes, pastries, crisps and biscuits all with loads of refined sugars?

Was it the supplementation of multiple vitamins and minerals?

I suggest ALL THE ABOVE contributed to my recovery!

To be honest, the testimonials from all my YouTube subscribers who duplicated my success to a greater or lesser degree had one common thread running through the data; discipline and determination to take back control of their own health and not leave the problem to a third party in a white coat. Those who were unable to stick to the protocols broadly did badly and by contrast the closer those who were able to make wholesale changes did really well. I have covered this point before and each time when a failure has occurred it was addiction to the very things that caused the problems in the first place that was so difficult for many to overcome.

One thing I can promise you is that habits are rather like a comfortable bed; ‘So easy to get into, but so hard to get out of!’

Unless we can take up the challenge against ourselves and our own addictions, it is likely we fail to get the results we seek to achieve. The good news is that after 6 months of discipline, not only could you have broken the back of the health challenges, but you will be healthier and more determined than ever to continue. 

The Liver works better to project manage your entire physiology.

Kidney function and filtration starts to improve (all confirmed in subsequent blood tests).

Pain levels can diminish.

Energy levels, along with better cognitive function, also return.

Heart issues can stabilize thanks to reduced plaguing.

Blood sugar problems can reduce.

Cancer markers can lower, as gut function also improves to boost immune function.

Inflammation, the number one precursor to systemic disease, can reduce giving you a level of health that you can take to the bank and enjoy while you age in a healthier and medication-free future. 

As with all my information, do not stop taking prescription medication without first consulting your own healthcare professional. Be aware that as blood pressure normalizes, too much medication will lower this further, so monitoring of this at the very least is advised.

Next month we look at what I actually eat and drink every day to stay well.  If you want my free Ebook detailing all the information I have posted over the past 6 months, email me at andrewhurrell2000@yahoo.com for your own free copy.