Governments have OVERBLOWN the COVID STATISTICS!!!

Could we all be suffering from mind blindness

Does anyone remember these adverts?

We need to look carefully at the facts and the history behind the narrative we have always been taught to believe, and the reality that becomes glaringly obvious after time. 

It wasn’t that long ago when Big Tobacco bribed thousands of doctors and ran full-page ads in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), claiming, “More doctors smoke Camels than any other cigarette!”

For decades, the medical and scientific establishment in the United States was ruled by Big Tobacco. Doctors were taught that smoking cigarettes was good for oral health and could improve cognitive performance. This was considered “the science” of the time, and anyone who disagreed with “the science” was smeared, attacked and found blacklisted from the industry (just like today).

Full-page ads declared that the science on smoking was settled. “No adverse effects on the nose, throat and sinuses” were recorded in smokers even after ten years of regular smoking, declared the ad below for Chesterfield cigarettes:

All these propaganda lies from Big Tobacco were framed in the language of “science.” And the science lies haven’t really changed that much in the decades since. In fact, if you compare the lies of Big Tobacco to the Big Pharma and modern-day propaganda, they are nearly identical:

The UK now confirms, just 17,371 people actually died as a direct result of COVID. The official figure was 135,000. The larger figure is where COVID was a possible “co factor” of the death and one co morbidity of the patient.  This is the clever way of inflating the numbers to make us believe and to justify just how terrible things were.   

If you have been hiding behind the sofa like many of us over the past two years to try and minimize the possibility of dying from COVID then these official statistics may make you feel VERY ANGRY!

We all know that if you have Cancer, suffer from obesity, heart conditions or diabetes, the likelihood of being hospitalized from COVID will increase along with your possibility of dying from the infection. However the reality is somewhat different according to the official figures by the office of national statistics 

The official data makes for INCREDIBLE reading and is simply not covered on mainstream media…..WHY is this?

Could it be there is an agenda to scare people into believing we are all in grave peril unless we all do as we are told?

In recent weeks we had had demonstrations and uprisings across the globe protesting about the lack of freedom imposed by western governments under the guise of protecting us from something that is NOW actually quite natural and non problematic for most people. 

When the UK government reversed the decision for mandatory vaccination of NHS staff, on the back of many consultants and care workers refusing the vaccine, it came as no big surprise.  

NHS staff on the front line were seeing the damage being done to so many of their patients from the vaccine and injuries were real and particularly concerning for young people who after the jabs were being treated for “Myocarditis” inflammation of the heart.  

With little or no recourse against the government or vaccine manufacturers for damage from vaccination thanks to changes in the laws back in the 90’s, anyone suffering damage from vaccination has no voice and no compensation as a result of simply following the rules and guidelines by doing what they told us to do. 

People’s right to choose whether or not to take the vaccine has all but been removed in Austria and now Canada with mandatory vaccination. This is despite the fact that according to the statistics the likelihood of my Myocarditis after vaccination is 133 times greater than if no vaccination had been taken. However, this is far lower than the actual number since the majority of injuries from vaccination are not being registered. 

For more detail on this study from Israel take a look at the video below

By now, we all are aware that the Omicron variant is (as reported by South Africa in December 2021) nothing more than a cold compared to the earlier “Delta” and “Beta” Covid variants’.  The latest variants are now no more dangerous than catching the flu. However, we still have the messaging from our leaders that we are all in grave peril if we do not abide by the restrictions and travel arrangements still in place. 

As of the 23rd Jan 2022 the official figures clearly state that over 153,000 people have now died “with” COVID on the death certificate. However, 90% of these people were all suffering from other major indicators of a health condition like heart, diabetes, obesity, and cancer morbidities. 

Please see below for death registrations for 2020 and 2021 (provisional) that were due to COVID-19 and were recorded without any pre-existing conditions, England and Wales.

The link to this site is here relating to freedom of information

We were told a “low fat” diet was the answer to obesity, now proven to be fundamentally flawed. We were told butter was good, then bad, then good. Eggs would kill you from salmonella, and then they were good. I remember we were assured that “DDT” insecticide was safe! (now banned globally).  Now “Round up ready” (Glyphosate) insecticide is all the rage and sprayed on our non organic fresh produce. Thanks to numerous class action law suits this is now banned in several countries for causing terrible damage to the population. These countries have classified it as a “probable human carcinogen”

 At the very start of the COVID crises we were told “not to bother with masks” as they offer no protection, but then, if we don’t wear one, we will be fined!   We were told to take antibiotics, but now we know these have a long-term negative outcome, and can take years to recover a normal immune function. “Meat was healthy” but World Health Organization classes some meat products as a “Class 1 carcinogen” in the same category as “Asbestos” which we all were told once was also safe! We were all given silver fillings in our youth filled with mercury! These, if still remaining, continue to poison your body and can affect cognitive function later in life.  Anyone remember Thalidomide for morning sickness?

Milk gives us strong bones with calcium; the science now shows the opposite as the “China Report” study shows it actually leeches calcium from the bone causing osteoporosis 

The study confirms the following …. The casein protein in cows’ milk, which makes up 80 percent of its protein content, was found to be a relevant chemical carcinogen—meaning it can turn on our cancer-promoting genes.

We see horrific footage of a cat being kicked by a professional footballer all over the news and naturally we are horrified and want justice for the appalling way the footballer treated this poor animal. But we think nothing of going out to buy and eat chicken, fish, or beef offered up in supermarket shelves which have been the subject of far greater acts of cruelty in which most of us participate and perpetuate by buying those same products. 

There is an uncomfortable disconnect between what we see and what we do each day to satisfy our lust for animal meat and dairy with little or no thought as to how it actually arrived on our plate.

For more on a healthy approach to living and lifestyle changes that do not involve the suffering of innocent animals while also creating a healthy and balanced nutritional diet which lowers inflammation and improves blood work numbers, then email me for my free eBook available for all readers of the Costa Calida Chronicle. 

Mind blindness is a condition where total faith in our leaders has resulted in bad and misleading information that does not necessarily have a positive outcome on our health or our emotional well being. The arrogance of mainstream medical care workers giving out billions of prescription meds each year in the hope of managing a medical condition, does not address the root causes of what ails us.

I have proved along with thousands of others who adopt holistic approaches to our health that once we use our body and mind correctly, we can recover from almost any condition.

The best kept secret in medicine is that “given the right conditions, the body can actually heal itself”.