Breaking News…. Cancer Now Completely Vanished!!!

I just had my annual check for my cancer markers. For those of you who have followed my progress, in 2014 when I was originally treated using orthodox medicine with radiation, my PSA marker (Prostate specific antigens) was reading 7.2. The lower this number the better.  In the USA, a marker over 2 is suspect and watched. Once over 4 then you will usually be offered a biopsy. I had my biopsy in Cartagena in April 2014 which confirmed cancer. 

In May 2014, I had treatment in Valencia. 2 years later after my PSA initially dropped to 2.3, it once again rose to 3.3 by May 2016. I had another biopsy which confirmed cancer was back with a vengeance and had spread! I was offered more aggressive treatments in July 2016, but I refused!  My family was horrified and begged me to re-consider. I stuck to my belief that by changing what I was doing would give me a better outcome. 

In August 2016, I changed everything and three weeks later my PSA had plummeted to 1.63. After 2 months it was 0.65. This gave me the belief that what I was doing was right.  Fast forward to June 2021 and I got my call from the oncologist after a recent blood test and my PSA is 0 and undetectable! What’s more, I had stopped all my medication in July 2016 after being offered more drugs and more treatment! 

My writings and protocols are in my free EBook which I am happy to share. I hope that others who have suffered from, not just cancer, but a host of other diseases, can also be helped.

I have taken NO prescription medication since July 2016. 

My crippling back and hip pain has gone, Colitis (auto immune disease) has gone.

My Lyme disease is also now gone.

My blood pressure is perfect.

My cholesterol numbers and triglycerides are perfect.

My liver and kidney filtration is grade 1, (the same as when I was 20!).

I have not had these numbers since I began blood tests in 2003 when I first came to Spain when the numbers were not even as good as they are now. 

I do not say this to boast or brag, but simply to re-affirm that our long-term health is for the most part ‘in our own hands’. We need to take responsibility for it and not automatically believe we can farm our health out to well-meaning people in white coats who will access you in 5 minutes and prescribe yet another ‘magic’ drug to fix it.  At best these are sticking plaster to conceal underlying root causes of the problem, but at worst they compound a systemic decline in health as a result of greater toxicity and/or deficiency. 

Do not think either that because health problems run in your family you must also be afflicted with a similar outcome.

Genetics load the gun, but only we can pull the trigger! 

Last month we looked at the food I eat now (part I). Email me if you missed it. 

After a hearty ‘midday breakfast’, I eat nothing until around 5’ish when I have around 90g of my flax seed bread cut into 3 or 4 toasted slices covered with a combination of marmite, organic peanut butter, hummus, and sometimes a vegan cheese. I love this! My evening meal is different vegetable curries with a huge variety of fresh veg including mushrooms, carrots, squash, Brussels sprouts, peas, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, celery ,onions, garlic, ginger etc and important spices like turmeric, oregano, coriander, chilli and paprika. I add chick peas, lentils or red kidney beans for more protein and occasionally add baked beans for another twist. Finally I add a generous handful of spinach and alfalfa sprouts. I cook all this with 1/3rd sea water and 2/3rd plain water to add huge natural minerals from the best root source of salt – our ocean. This is the best source of salt possible and not processed and also free! I either treat the sea water with Chlorine Dioxide (as described in my book) to eliminate any pollutants, or simply boil it for 5-10 minutes before adding my ingredients. 

My curries now (although I say it myself) are in my view better than any shop bought or restaurant curry!  In addition I have complete control over the ingredients which always include as much organic produce that I can find. I make a batch for the week and it is always topped off with a generous sprinkling of nutritional yeast for a fabulous cheesy flavour and an amazing range of vital B vitamins.

This may sound a bit boring and 4 years ago I would have agreed with you, but in the same way as many people have the same breakfast every day, I have pretty much the same evening meal every day and only at a weekend would I indulge in a plate of homemade sweet potato chips with organic wholemeal bread with a few huge pan-fried mushrooms, fried in a little olive or coconut oil with onions and peas. I add a little ketchup and French mustard to the bread and hey presto the vegan version of burger and chips! Try not to be tempted by the processed vegan versions of burgers or any other product that is heavily processed with chemicals that will add to our toxic load. Now it is quite possible to eat a plant-based diet full of dubious additives and chemicals and think we are doing the right thing. One person I knew was eating mainly a diet of crisps and diet coke!!

There are a ton of videos on YouTube for vegan recipes and if you can follow the principals then we should be good to go. Just be aware that we should try to cook in sea-salted water as often as possible and reduce oil consumption (unless in a salad with olive oil) as heating oil above a certain temperature is a carcinogen in itself. It acts in a similar way to overcooked BBQ food where Acrylamide can build up and this too will see our toxic load topped up again! 

Avoid cooking and heating food in a microwave. They are handy to heat a drink, but they change the chemical component of food and nutritionally alter the structure which when combined with the strong EMF (electro-magnetic fields) generated. If you do use a microwave stand well clear! The EMF generated is far reaching and rather like living under one of those large electricity pylons! 

Next month we look at exercise!!!! A simple short walk will do wonders for your body. We also look at a hack to fool your body you are working out for hours per week, when in reality you are only doing 5 minutes per day!

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