Vitamin D – The wonder vitamin which is overlooked, free and vital for our health – especially when combating Omicron virus!

The lack of Vitamin D has now been correlated to a huge number of diseases and illnesses including diabetes, cancer and high blood pressure. The number of scientific papers confirming a huge benefit of Vitamin D supplementation (or sun exposure) is overwhelming and needs to be carefully researched since a huge number of health problems can be directly related to low levels of this essential and simple Vitamin. 

For a detailed breakdown of how and why this is essential for our wellbeing is in this excellent video by Dr John Campbell.

A recent paper was published highlighting the association of Vitamin D deficiency and general health:

“Over the last decades, knowledge regarding the mechanisms through which Vitamin D3 affects human health has improved dramatically. It was discovered that Vitamin D3 is not just expressed in bone and mineral metabolism health, but it plays a key role in the intestines, pancreas, and prostate as well as cells of the immune system. This finding demonstrates the important, much wider impact of Vitamin D3 on human health than previously understood.  Vitamin D turned out to be a powerful epigenetic regulator, influencing more than 2500 genes and impacting dozens of our most serious health challenges including cancer, diabetes mellitus, acute respiratory tract infections, chronic inflammatory diseases and autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis.”

Vitamin D3 was first discovered at the beginning of the 19th Century as an essential factor needed to guarantee skeletal health. This discovery came after a long period of dealing with the dire consequences of rickets, which causes osteomalacia (softening of bones). This disease especially affected children in northern countries, who were deprived of sunlight and often worked in dark production halls during the industrial revolution.  At the beginning of the 20th Century, it became clear that sunlight can cure rickets by triggering Vitamin D3 synthesis in the skin. Cod Liver Oil is recognized as a natural source of Vitamin D3. At the time, a blood level of 20 ng/mL was sufficient to stop osteomalacia. This target is still the recommended blood level today, as stated in many official documents. In accordance with many other publications, we will show that this level is considered too low to guarantee optimal functioning of the human body.”

“Unfortunately, it seems that the new findings about Vitamin D3 have not been well accepted in the medical community. Many official recommendations to define Vitamin D3 deficiency still stick to the 20 ng/mL established 100 years ago to cure rickets.”

“Additionally, many recommendations for Vitamin D3 supplementation are in the range of 5 to 20 µg per day (200 to 800 international units), which is much too low to guarantee the optimal blood level of 40–60 ng/mL.  One reason for these incorrect recommendations turned out to be calculation error. Thus, daily Vitamin D3 supplementation in the range of 4000 to 10,000 units (100 to 250 µg) needed to generate an optimal Vitamin D3 blood level in the range of 40–60 ng/mL has been shown to be completely safe when combined with approximately 200 µg/mL Vitamin K2. However, this knowledge is still not widespread in the medical community, and obsolete warnings about the risks of Vitamin D3 overdoses unfortunately are still commonly circulating.”

“Therefore, based on our data, the authors strongly recommend combining vaccination with routine strengthening of the immune system of the whole population by Vitamin D3 supplementation to consistently guarantee blood levels above 50 ng/mL (125 nmol/L). It will save billions of dollars worldwide, as Vitamin D3 is inexpensive and—together with vaccines—provide a good opportunity to get the spread of SARS-CoV-2 under control.”

In breaking news on 10th December, recent scientific studies in South Africa have shown the Omicron virus to be similar to catching a common cold. Symptoms like muscular aches and pains, headache and fatigue are the most common and sometime a runny nose and sore throat. Another study suggests that the far less health-damaging Omicron virus could be the beginning of the end of the COVID crisis, giving most people natural immunity with the virus creating strong antibodies safely and therefore replacing the need for more vaccines. The mutation of an individual who had the Delta variant as well as a common cold has resulted in a variant which is now far less dangerous, but far more transmissible. The advice is to load up on Vitamin D3 and keep the immune system optimized to cope better if you become exposed. 

Conclusion – make sure you are getting enough sun every day on bare unprotected skin, or alternatively supplement with a dose of around 12000 IU’S per day. A Vitamin D3 and Vitamin K2 combination is commonly available at Amazon etc.

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