This month a plant to consider is the Dipladenia which is good both in the spring and summer which as you know here in Spain can last until almost December. It is possible to secure your Dipladenia bloom from June to December. Keep in mind that if it likes the position in the garden, patio or terrace, it could have flowers all year!!

Dipladenia start to need more water very early in the season when it is warm and should be fertilized once a week. It likes to be wet, but not overwatered. The plant needs some bamboo canes to guide it or just a trellis. Another option is to put 2 or 3 wires along the wall and the plant will grow up these very easily.

Sometimes the Dipladenia will attract aphids, because it grows very fast and the soft stems are an attraction to the insect. You can kill invasive insects with bio products once a week. One of the better Dipladenia facts is its ability to encourage bees. The tubular flowers are a vibrant signal to pollinators and they have an ample supply of nectar.
Over winter keep indoors or in a greenhouse and suspend fertilizing in winter.

Paco and Esther, at Jardinería El Milagro in Bolnuevo, will advise you which are the best plants for your garden.