A Series of Articles on Disease Management by Andrew Hurrell – Part I
Andy reversed his own cancer after conventional treatment failed. This is an overview of the problems we all face.

Andrew Hurrell has lived on Camposol for almost 20 years and currently volunteers with his partner Ann Thompson and has led The Harlequin Rock Choir since 2011.

Andy is not a doctor and has no ‘medical’ background, but has studied health and nutrition for four years. He has agreed to share with us what he has learned to turn around his own cancer prognosis, as well as crippling hip and back pain, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol as well as curing his own Lyme disease after antibiotics failed.

Andy (now 67) was diagnosed in 2014 with prostate cancer. He underwent conventional treatment in May of that year, but radiation failed and the cancer continued to progress. He was offered more aggressive treatments in 2016 but refused. He decided to try and restore his health using alternative natural therapies. He has helped hundreds of people on his different video channels to restore their health using natural detoxifying techniques. In 2019 with over 10 thousand subscribers his Youtube channel was removed when he discussed how he cured his 12 year old granddaughter of a recurrent ear infection after antibiotics failed. He has agreed to share his information with us in his first article here. He is now fit and well and off all medications.

Just to be clear, ‘conventional’ medicine is split into two main areas; ‘trauma care’ and ‘disease management’. I have used my words carefully; as I believe the first aspect is second to none. The VITAL work done by medical workers in this field is outstanding! This brings us on to ‘disease management’.

The reality is that nearly all prescription drugs can allow patients to continue their lives and manage their symptoms without ever really being able to rid themselves of whatever the problem may be.
Surgical intervention (brilliant though this may be) does not necessarily address the very root cause of what caused the problem in the first place.
Antibiotics, perhaps the most successful and widely used drug prescribed, by its very nature will destroy both good and bad gut bacteria. This leaves us with a much weakened immune system.

You could have a disadvantage when taking on common viruses like COVID-19 for instance after using antibiotics. Coronavirus has been around for over 100 years in one form or another. Most people will have had a version of Coronavirus in flu or a cold and often recovered after a week or so. Antibiotics have no effect on viruses, (they are not a living organism like bacteria), so if you have ever had a course of antibiotics (anti-life in Latin), unless you were able to re-populate your gut function with pre and pro biotic protocols, your immune response to infections may be compromised.
In 2009 I had Lyme Disease which resulted in 9 months of very powerful antibiotics. I had no idea then how much damage I was doing to my immune function. Sure enough, 5 years later prostate cancer was diagnosed. This was not helped by my dubious diet and alcohol consumption!

All drugs have strong warnings on the inserts and these should be taken into consideration before we decide that this is the best option for whatever may ail us. Complete trust and admiration for our doctors in those beautiful white coats, combined with our own lack of knowledge and education in natural holistic alternative approaches like your grandmother knew about, meant that natural medicine died around 100 years ago when big Pharmaceutical companies took over the ‘business’ of health care. Their responsibility to the shareholders dictates that almost regardless of the outcome they have to make a profit. This is why no natural resources like vitamins, minerals, nutrition, etc is either studied or taught at medical school. There can never be a patent on natural medicine and without a patent there is no bottom line ….BILLIONS OF DOLLARS. This is also the reason there has been almost no mention of a healthy immune system and how to achieve it in the media. Media now is also strictly controlled to ensure nothing goes against the official narrative we are being told, which is that there is no cure for COVID-19 without the vaccine.

Not once has anyone said we must eat leafy green vegetables to boost our immune function!

Next month, we will discuss how we actually get sick and what is at the root cause of nearly all diseases. Over the following months we will also look at how making simple changes to lifestyle can have huge and lasting benefits for our health.

If you would like more information, email Andy at andrewhurrell2000@yahoo.com for the results of all his research for free.

You may discover how to reverse your own health issues which so far have not been ‘cured’ by those well-meaning and hard working men and women in white coats.