A Series of Articles on Disease Management by Andrew Hurrell – Part I
Andrew Hurrell has been living on Camposol for almost 20 years and currently works with his partner Ann Thompson running the Harlequin Rock Choir.

Andy was diagnosed in 2014 with serious prostate cancer and underwent conventional treatment in May 2014. This failed. He was offered more aggressive treatments in 2016 but he refused. He decided to restore his health using alternative therapies. He has helped hundreds of people on his video channels to restore their health using natural detoxifying techniques and has agreed to share his information with us in his first article here. Andy is now off all medications.

Whenever we have diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart problems, obesity etc, they stem from systemic ‘inflammation’ from a condition of ‘lactic acidosis’ (anything that ends in ‘it is’). These conditions often cause auto immune problems such as colitis, IBS, MS, diverticulitis, skin problems, arthritis etc, as you are carrying too many acids that are not being eliminated to restore balance.
‘Lactic acidosis’ is believed by many scientists to be the root cause of disease, but then we get into another discussion which is “Why do we become too acidic?” and “Why can the body not correct this?” like when we were 12 years old?

As we age, so many things happen to us. We bombard our body with toxins from the environment:
The air we breathe with viruses, pathogens and bacteria as well as inevitable air pollution, but we also bombard it with chemicals from skin care products, toothpaste, deodorants, chlorinated and heavy metal-ridden water, mercury in fish, aerosols etc.

We consume a variety of processed foods and anything that has a label on it is processed (there are only a few exceptions; organic food and some teas and coffees that are organic). Even fruit and vegetables must be thoroughly washed to ensure you do not ingest the glyphosate mainly used as a herbicide.

Meat is injected with preservative. It also contains huge doses of antibiotics routinely fed to animals and the ‘Heme iron’ content in meat (whether organic or not) is also classed as a carcinogen by the World Health Association.

Growth hormones added to animal feeds for fattening cause IGF1 level in the liver to rise (Insulin like factor 1). This is a growth hormone and can grow cancer cells more quickly than you can say “What is that lump?”

We need to be mindful of returning our dietary control to only those foods which aid healing and do not promote inflammation. We can do this while also addressing the root causes of many of today’s problems. This is often poor kidney function and the biggest of all, a liver and gallstone collection of hundreds of stones! Information I have gathered from several years of research of hundreds of scientific studies have helped me to recover my health from advanced prostate cancer, colitis, Lyme disease, crippling back and hip pain, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, palpitations, brain fog and poor libido.

In the 4 years since August 2016 when treatment for my cancer failed, I decided I had had enough of conventional medicine! Their approach is to suppress symptoms with drugs, rather than address the issues as to why you got sick in the first place. Since then all my above symptoms have gone! Also I no longer take any drugs or medication!

The system of health care is broken worldwide. Much of the research is based on ‘suppression’ not ‘cure’, where huge investment into a new drug or vaccine can generate billions of dollars as the main objective for the shareholders and workers in the industry. Only if a drug can be patented can anything be considered, since without a patent no income can be generated.

By first cleaning out the gall bladder and liver of hundreds of stones and crystals, we give ourselves the best possible foundation to reverse many of the problems we face health wise, to create the framework for disease to be reversed.

Part 2 next month – How to do a liver and gall bladder flush.
Andy Hurrell – andrewhurrell2000@yahoo.com